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joeden9/8/13 7:31am
Ollow made a dash for the creature as a crowed of mini golems made out of small objects from the camp tackled the spiders and started to fight them they were just a little bit bigger then the spiders but held them back.

As Ollow charged, he readied his hammer making a swing for its side, super strength was a side effect of his power, his power was adrenaline rush. So he still had a massive amount of strength left and he was channeling it into a single blow at the behemoth.

Arro was working on the Molotov as Harry worked on the spider problem which was going rather well.

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RennacFaintheart9/8/13 2:44pm
Rennac spotted Arro going to their supplies, namely the lamp oil they had brought along for light. She looked to Adam and nodded, letting him hold off the behemoth. "Dad, keep the spiders off of me and Arro." Jaiden nodded and complied, assisting Harry with some well placed shots to keep the spiders at bay. She grabbed two bottles of the oil and looked to Arro. "Use the rest, we're gonna see if we cant get our blades to be more useful." She quickly doused her blade with the oil before igniting it on their flint set, moving back to Adam and tossing him the oil and flint. She renewed her attack, hoping the addition of fire would make more of an impact.

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Esayo1/3/14 12:52pm
Enzii's ear perked up when he heard the soft sound of another voice. It was too low for him to say for sure that he recognized it or didn't, so he aimed the pistol forward, and trained it slowly across the room, keeping at the entrance.
"Hello?" he said, his voice choking the query down to an urgent whisper. He waited a moment, though he didn't expect an answer from that.
He took one more cautious step into the room, gulping down the tension that welled up in his throat.
"Hello? If there's anyone still here, you can come out. I killed that thing back there, you're safe."
Doubt filled his mind at the sound of his own words. Terrifying, unnatural as that thing had been, he wasn't sure that it alone could have left a whole base in ruin, especially if there were other guards. With that doubt came worry, because if he was right, then that meant there were either more of those things, or there was something else entirely, and he wasn't particularly fond of either option.

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Shadow996111/4/14 2:55am

The addition of fire to the blades had a significant effect upon the larger grey golem. They were creations of packed snow and ice, which was highly resilient to brute force, but a cutting motion applied with a source of heat was greatly effective at sperating out the easier meltable snow, from the harder ice from which it was derived.

The golem was not to be defeated as easily as they had hoped. Even though the various attacks were beggining to wear down its form, it still had the sheer size to be a major problem. The ice creation turned its entire attention to the flaming blades, and all of its swings and strikes took on a thus unforeseen vigor, dramatically raising the pace of blows required to dodge or deflect. It was unlikely the ice arms could ne stopped dead, and the sword, even augmented with fire, was not enough to slice it in twian with one go.


The miniature ice spiders were perturbed by the bullets, and the formation of the opposing force of golems from the traveler's side was short lived, and the creations failed to emerge, due to the ice spear's effect upon their combined powers. The more they would attempt to utilize their powers, the quicker they would tire.

The bullets only seemed to anger the spiders, who seemingly had no points that were vital to them. Ollow was much more effective. Where brute force had little effect upon the large golem grappling with the swordsmen, it was quite laughable at how effective it was against the spiders, of whom were crafted entirely of black ice. But Ollow could not be everywhere at once. As if coordinated, the spiders swarmed upon Ollow, slashing at his arms with sparpened lags, and attempting to mount his back to reach his head.

With his reduced strength, he would have no hope of shaking them without assistance.


The voice seemed to pick up in volume as the boy listened, an illusion, he was just paying closer attention. The mutterings were fully formed words, if not exactly fully formed sentences,

"It's in me. My head. Yes. That's where it is. Want is gone. Gone gone! Want it gone. But it won't go. Nono. Spirits, why won't it go!? I don't want it to go? No. Yes, I do! I want it gone. Gone. Gone like them. They're all gone now. Screaming *heehee* all gone."

The muttering continued on like this, coking from the gloomiest looking corner of the room. The voice belonged to what looked like a canid security guard. But something was wrong. At first glance the man's grey fur seemed black, and un-fluffy, more translucent, and shimmery. It wasn't his fur, it was ice, the man was trapped in ice in a lost corner of the room. He looked as if he had spent days in that place, his fur was in shambles, and dried blood caked around his neck, presumably where he had struggled against the ice that currently entrapped him. However this had happened to him, it had happened quickly.

He took no note of Enzii, nor of the fact that the boy had just fought for his life.

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Esayo1/4/14 12:31pm
"Spirits..." he muttered under his breath, taking careful steps forward. He was deaf to the world aside from the man's ramblings, trained in on every word.
He was mad.
Enzii made his way up to the man before long, pistol lowered, but in-hand. "S-sir? Sir, what happened here? Where is everyone?" he asked, placing a gloved hand against the ice. "W-what did this to you?"
As important a question it might have been, even then, in a time where he may have needed to know the most, he wasn't sure if he wanted to answer. He had half a mind to chip the guy out with his knife, but he didn't know how long that would take. If the ice was thick enough to trap the man there for spirits-knew how long, who was to say that he could even crack it?

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joeden1/7/14 9:26am
Ollow had worked his way towards the Golem but When the spiders Jumped him slashing his Arms he let out a gasp of pain but as for reducing his strength? As if, he started swinging around kicking one spider, sending it flying and it was going, going, going and it's gone! But he was shaking, and still he had plenty of strength left. His arms may be injured and useless, but he still had his legs which he used to prevent more trying to get on him he yelled, "someone get these bloody things offa me!"

Harry Quickly picking up a metal stick from the camp supplies that laid nearby and got to Ollow. He started to remove the spiders on his back, but it was proving harder then anticipated, so he focused on the ones that where going for his head. Arro with the Molotov ready, charged at the ice beast, getting close enough to whip the Molotov at the thing, hitting it and jumping back as the Molotov did it's work. As Arro Jumped back fast enough to avoid any attacks.

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RennacFaintheart1/8/14 12:11pm
Adam and Rennac continued to focus his attacks on the Golem, acting mroe cautious as the beast began moving almost unhumanly fast for something of it's size. They were at least wearing it down and doing damage with the now flaming swords. "Adam, keep your strikes focused on one point of the arms. We might eventually cut through if we keep hacking through long enough." She recieved a quick nod before Adam carefully struck at the golem's shoulder, focusing each subsequent strike on that same spot. With luck he would cleave the imposing limb off and reduce it's ability to strike.

Rennac had begun using the same tactic on the opposite shoulder, chipping away at the icy armor as the blades continued to burn hot. She could only smile more as the molotov collided with the brutish form, flames licking at it's body where the lamp oil was still sticking. She was confident Adam had the situation covered as she went over to Ollow, whacking a pouncing spider away and came to see Ollow. "Cant seem to keep out of trouble eh? You'd have no idea how much of a pain it is to try and keep your file off the commander's desk!" She joined the fight with Ollow and Harry, helping them with the tide of spiders as Jaiden used the heavy springer pistols as heavy metal bludgeons as the spiders seemed unaffected by the shots.

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