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Subscribe to this thread Musical Omnibus? created by CalicoYorki on March 18, 2013

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CalicoYorki8/10/13 2:34pm
~ DuRaRaRa!! opening 2 full (complication, by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D)

I love a song with greatness that transcends its language. But you all know this, don't you?
- One Fine Day by the Chiffons


- The Viper, a Dixieland jazz number.

- Who By Fire, by Leonard Cohen

I first heard this song at the end of a heartwrenching episode of Criminal Minds.

* note: Every episode of Criminal Minds is heartwrenching in some way.


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DanWithTheHat8/18/13 8:03am
Devotio Aeternus by Darangen (Chrono Trigger Remix of Ocean Palaceand Schala's Theme)

The music the guys at OCRemix put out is amazing. This Remix was released a couple days ago.

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Tramper8/18/13 5:59pm

- Gloryhammer, The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee. So glorious.

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CalicoYorki9/2/13 2:07pm

This post is dedicated to the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

...For whatever this post is worth, that is...

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