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Dreamkeepers Forums - Should I go to Anthrocon?

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Subscribe to this thread Should I go to Anthrocon? created by ezioauditore97 on March 15, 2013

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ezioauditore973/15/13 9:11pm
Um,I am 16 and was wondering how much of Anthrocon would pretty much be off limits to me until I turn 18.I have actually convinced my Dad that the fanbase is not a bunch of perverted retards and there are a lot of talented artists there,heck I even explained the whole fursuit thing.
But,even after he does all the paperwork a bit of it would obviously be off limits to me but in case anybody has gone how much would be off limits to me and is the DK booth listed under the mature category?
Sorry I am probably such an unproductive and annoying presence on this forum and sorry if I sound insecure at times;my life has been on a downward spiral since my stepmother(My mom split up with my Dad a long time ago.) left my family and I am only now getting a grip on life......

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Twilight3/15/13 9:15pm
Besides the fandom actually being a bunch of perverted retards with only a handful of talented artists (see what I did there? XD) there's not a lot at cons that's off limits. The most you'd have to worry about is artists at the alley showcasing their adult work, which they're not supposed to but... again, perverted retards XD

Other than that though, they keep things pretty PG all around.

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ezioauditore973/15/13 9:18pm
Is the DK booth considered "mature"?Just out of curiosity.

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Twilight3/15/13 10:00pm

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ezioauditore973/16/13 6:47am
Say how big are the lines and so on usually?I heard of a million people bringing their sketchbooks to it so are people supposed to exchange art or something.It would be funny if since I am a big Naruto Shippuden(Draw it a lot and so on)and judging by Dave's generation it would be a big dose of "Deja Vu" if he did Dragon Ball Z art when he was in high school.What is considered proper ettiquete around dealers?Obviously if the lines are long it would be a terrible idea to socialize for longer than a minute.Like say for example how do most people interact with Dave?Just talk with him,show off their art,or what?If I get a pencil commision from him would it be a good idea to bugger off or does he prefer to chat a little while doing it.Sorry for any grammitical errors;I was typing fast.

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Twilight3/17/13 7:02am
There aren't really lines to speak of. The only real line is at con registration, but after that it's rare to get into one.

the Dreamkeepers booth is usually not crowded and at any given time there might be three people there, tops, but it's not a "line" necessarily.

Sketchbooks aren't a requirement. I've never taken mine with me.

There's nothing otherworldly about interacting with Dave, though he does prefer to focus on the drawings he has to do (and he does get to do a bunch), so most of the time you're more likely to be interacting with Liz and I. Dave does look up and interact with people though, so do feel free to make conversation sometimes.

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ezioauditore973/17/13 11:53am
Wait a sec,I just admitted I am 16 should I probably pack it and get away from this forum?Thanks for answering what probably seemed like a bunch of annoying questions and I look forward to hopefully seeing you all!

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ezioauditore973/18/13 2:41pm
Regardless I really do appreciate it.So I thought you were a freelancer?I guess you just live in their area and have worked with them for a while and you are literally Dave's right hand man?

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ezioauditore974/6/13 6:10pm
Well my Dad sounds opposed to going because he cannot think of what would be interesting about Pittsburg.So any redeeming qualities about it I should tell him about?

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