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Subscribe to this thread Forgotten Luck OOC created by Roan on March 15, 2013

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joeden5/19/13 9:49am
Roan you spelled my name wrong twice It's Ollow not Follow

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Roan5/19/13 10:29am
It's the auto correct on my phone.

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joeden5/19/13 10:42am
ohh ok arry about that then.

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Thegunner185/19/13 1:07pm
I feel for you, roan. :( Auto correct on my iPod has screwed me over more times than I can count. If I'd been counting...

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joeden5/28/13 4:19pm
good question whose next?

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T3rminal6/1/13 12:14pm
I don't know. Where are you o Pecan-bro?

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Roan6/1/13 9:17pm
I will be gone for a little bit. My phone screen is messed up, and I'm getting a replacement soon. I'm on a computer right now, but my phone, like, died on me.

When I get a new phone, you shall be notified.

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T3rminal6/1/13 9:30pm
Ouch, I know the feeling. My touch screen got shattered after I let my cousins play with it. They shall never touch my nice things again.

I hope you get your replacement soon and life goes awesomely for you.

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joeden6/22/13 7:16pm
Are we continue with this RP or no?

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Roan6/22/13 7:21pm
We shall. Who are we waiting on to post?

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joeden6/22/13 7:22pm
I think you Ollow is waiting for Kyra to grab on so he can pull her up.

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Roan6/22/13 7:32pm
Alright. I posted.

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joeden7/16/13 4:24pm
Alright out of curiosity who do we be waiting on now?

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joeden9/8/13 3:04pm
We going to contiune with this one or what?

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Roan9/8/13 3:33pm
It's up to anybody else. I'm not even sure anymore.

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