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Dreamkeepers Forums - The 'burn your retinas with sheer computer busting graphics' series: Crysis

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Subscribe to this thread The 'burn your retinas with sheer computer busting graphics' series: Crysis created by Shadow99611 on March 11, 2013

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Shadow996113/11/13 12:33am
So. Crysis. There are a multitude of things I love about the series (I've played all three, but didn't own them, so I've played through 2 and most of three and the beginning of 1) and things I think they could have done better.

This game series is rated M for violence, strong language, and blood., so that's your only disclaimer you'll get here I suppose, the old thread had skyrim, where you could decapitate people, so unless removed or cautioned by mods I'll leave this here for peeps.

The first thing I want to say is the suit intro vid for Crysis 2 is hands down my favorite video game promo/vid/cinematic of all time. The music gives you goosebumps, and it pretty clearly outlines even for first timers the concept of the nano suit.

Onto my personal thoughts.

I can't say much for the first game, but I remember grabbng a gauss gun, so I think I had some good times. The second is easily my favorite, the best music (Ive played much if the 3rd one) and the upgrade mechanics seemed more like an in game option than a pause menu. The only thing I really didn't like about it was the size of the campaign, it felt shoot, and much of the sotryline felt rushed, so i had to look online to remember what the heck was going on. The graphics were a real step up from anything I had experienced, I kept waiting for the cutscene like cinematic to end, BUT THEY DIDN'T. The whole game looks like a well made cinematic, which is awesome, but I think they may have overworked themselves, since a lot of the time you aren't focused on graphics.

Crysis 3 held no big jumps in graphics, but a few mechanic tweaks in the gameplay made the nano suit handling a tidbit more intuitive (you could ID enemies just by looking at them for a sec automatically, instead of pressing a button). The bow was a really nice addition, as it let the more stealthy players really get into their element. The storyline was a lot easier to follow, and they gave you a nice overview of the last 2 games, which was really handy for me since I really didn't own any of 'em. Again, the campaign is kinda short (I saw a friend do it in one night) and I feel like the weapons were a little ununique, like there was hardly any difference in the 4 machince guns you could use.

Now, this is my personal opinion, the thread is really meant for alternate reviews, comments, general FAQ About the game, and what have you... I don't cover the multi, since I really only played the second one online.

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