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Subscribe to this thread Is this a bad thing? created by Shadow99611 on March 10, 2013

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Asora1/14/15 1:46pm
I think we all ready mentioned that.

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Kirito1/14/15 1:51pm
I know I was reiterating

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Asora1/14/15 1:58pm

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Kirito1/14/15 2:01pm

for emphasis and clarity.

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Asora1/14/15 5:19pm

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Aman37121/14/15 5:29pm

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Asora1/14/15 5:36pm

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BryanDimmsdale2/4/16 10:27pm
Alright, omygosh this thread is super old, hahaha XD

Well, here's the list of the new DK portrait members:

ezioauditore97 (ezio) = Mace
DWTH = Bobby
Judas = Wisp
Stealth = Scinter
Kit = Ezven
FoxBrethren (Vor) and FoxPhantom = Bast
crazyhead = Tendril

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TalkedSpy5/1/16 10:13am
And I'm the guy in the badass powersuit. :3

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