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Subscribe to this thread As per the norm. I'm late again. created by Shadow99611 on March 9, 2013

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Shadow996113/9/13 11:36pm
Well. Some call me the emperor or awesomeness, but most od you old hands will know me as Halo's_Shadow... Welp. I couldn't get my old name to work, so you get the combo of numbers you prolly won't remember! Aren't I considerate?

So anywho, to all y'all's who are new, heya! And I hope you enjoy DK. For the rest? Happy switching forums day? Blargmuffin.

(this message was sanctioned my the highest authority possible. Rambo bunny)

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Thegunner183/10/13 11:49am
'Sup? You are indeed late to the party. :P But we still have plenty of fun to go around, so you haven't missed out on much! See you around :)

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Shadow996113/10/13 6:25pm
Thanks for the welcome! I plan to be a bit more active outside of just the rp section hopefully... New forum and all..

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ezioauditore973/10/13 6:42pm

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