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Dreamkeepers Forums - DreamKeepers + Push = Movie???

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Subscribe to this thread DreamKeepers + Push = Movie??? created by Prometheus on March 7, 2013

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Prometheus3/7/13 7:19pm
Okay, so, there's this little movie where there are hundreds of people on Earth with supernatural powers. This movie is called Push, where the protagonist possesses telekinetic powers.

It's already been established that humans and dreamkeepers are not aware of each others existence. But, that's the magic of wild, what-if speculation!

What if they WERE aware of each other? If you took Push and combined it with the graphic novel DreamKeepers, you've got yourself a movie where people see their dreamkeepers in the Dreamworld while in their sleep. And, like the Bleeding Effect in Assassin's Creed, they eventually start to gain their dreamkeeper's powers.

Wild speculations, GO!

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Animefan183/8/13 7:08pm
I decided to look up the trailer and.... epically freaking sick ! ! ! Gotta watch this.

update: just saw the movie... epicness overload @-@

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Gloves3/31/13 6:45pm
Okay, I've always kind of thought that the DK universe lined up with the Marvel Universe (kind of not really), and mutants are just people who are accessing their DK's power.

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CalvinCopyright4/1/13 7:26pm
Marvel? MEH.

DK is awesome. Marvel is comparatively not. At least, not according to Dave. XD


But DK + Push is a thing that should happen. 8D

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Gloves4/2/13 2:55pm
Oh, that means DC exactly as much as Marvel. >I DK is definitely awesome. Marvel can be awesome too.

That part did make me laugh out loud though. XD

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