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Dreamkeepers Forums - Fan-made tribute by Nixon/Monto

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Subscribe to this thread Fan-made tribute by Nixon/Monto created by Virion on March 7, 2013

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Virion3/7/13 1:26am

It's a fan-made tribute made by Nixon/Monto, a friend of mine from The Furry Forum. I'd appreciate if you checked it out :D

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Aman37121/2/15 5:36pm
Pretty good!

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DanWithTheHat1/2/15 6:30pm
How did I miss this two years ago? Its a pretty good montage.

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ST34LTH1/3/15 1:30am
I'd say it looks pretty good, but I'd personally advice your friend to tone down the effect a little bit. It makes it look more like a home video, than a presentation sadly. But, yeah... A for effort and good choice of background music.

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Asora1/15/15 7:13pm
Unlike other image transitions in other youtube videos that seem too simple and boring, this animation actually stands out from the rest of them, and is pretty good.

The music is picked well for the theme, but, similar to what ST34LTH said, I also think that it seems a but too "homemade" with the tone of the audio, and I suggest to make a few tweaks with it, but not too much though.

As for the images themselves and the quality of them, there are also pretty well done, though, I think I have seen one or two of them appear twice in the video, but, no biggie.

Overall, even though it has it's minor flaws, it's still pretty well-made video tribute to Dreamkeepers, and I hope more people see this and spread the word. :D

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