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Subscribe to this thread Dark dreamkeepers created by RennacFaintheart on March 6, 2013

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RennacFaintheart3/6/13 6:10pm
I've been kinda wondering about this topic for a while now. Given that there are specifically normal and dark dreamkeepers, how does a dark cross over per say? Just what is it that establishes them officially as a dark? And then is there some mark or attribute that marks them as a dark in some way. It's just too many questions!!!

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Prometheus3/6/13 6:33pm
i was kind of hoping this would be brushed on in V3, but it looks like it's gonna take a few volumes before we get any actual answers to this topic.

I guess a dreamkeeper has to be purely evil to be classified as dark. Completely full of malice, self-preservation and twisted. I guess only the most evil of dreamkeepers ever get approached by the Nightmares.

Tinsel likes bending things out of whack to get her way in political and personal matters. Ravat's a sadistic hitman who has no problem with killing kids. Wisp is just plain crazy. And, Nabonidus seems to be a dreamkeeper, but he appears to be in a completely different ballpark entirely.

I'd like to see how they even get involved with the Nightmares and what they get as a reward for their allegiance.

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CalvinCopyright3/6/13 8:37pm
Heh, we don't know what the hell Nab-a-tall is. Could be a dreamkeeper, I suppose, but what the hell would his power be??

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BigEasy3/6/13 10:43pm
It seems likely that Nabonidus is a dark dreamkeeper. What his power is, I haven't a clue. He seems to posses many.

The dark dreamkeepers seem to all work for Nabonidus, or at least one of his lieutenants since I somehow doubt Vox has actually met Nabby. I wonder if this is because he was the de facto leader of the nightmares, or is it more to do with Nabonidus himself? He wants to rule and subjugate the dreamkeepers. It would be simple for him to offer rewards to attract dark DKs to his service. Void is more about annihilation than subjugation. I doubt Tinsel would be interested in working with the nightmares if they were just going to wreck everything. He must have offered her something for her service.

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HazzardousEco3/7/13 4:22am
To quote Resnov from Black Ops 1:

"Collabrating with any Nazi is a betrayal...a betrayal against ALL mother Russia".

The same can be applied to the DK world: Just collabrating with the Nightmares, regardless of what the reasons are, brands one as a Dark Dreamkeeper and a betrayer to ones kind.

As far as visible markings go, there is nothing to tell you who is and who isn't a Dark DK at first glance; no stange tattoo, no unusual birthmark, no odd color shifts in the eyes...nothing. The only way one can know who is a Dark DK is if said person reveals it or is caught conversing with creatures that clearly do not belong among the normal DK's (because let's be honest; if you've seen or read the part with the Nightmares in volume 3, none of them look like they could walk among the DK's and not get odd stares =) )

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Twilight3/7/13 3:26pm
A Dark Dreamkeeper is simply a Dreamkeeper who has aligned themselves with the Nightmares, regardless of their reasons, goals or attributions.

There are no dark rituals, marks or formalities to "cross over." They simply get labelled "Dark" when they decided "I'ma work with the Nightmares now."

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Prometheus3/7/13 6:55pm

If it's that simple, then, how do the Nightmares take note of the Dark's? How do they know that a dreamkeeper has become an ally? Is it telepathic where if a dreamkeeper really wants to be on the Nightmare's side, do they hear the request and send a pawn to retrieve the DK, pronounce them as Dark, and give them their first assignment(s)? Do newly-turned Dark's try to track down a veteran Dark in order to gain contact with the Nightmares?

It should be interesting to see how the DDK/Nightmare system works.

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HazzardousEco3/7/13 7:16pm
@Promethus: I'm pretty sure Nightmares have a filter system in place to weed out true joiners and not just those we might be trying to inflitrate.

But if one were to guess, the Nightmares would have to find something to exploit or offer to a potenial Dark DK, be it wealth, power, fame, etc. Granted we have yet to see why Dark DK's like Tinsel, Ravat, or Whip have joined the Nightmares, it's most likely that the Nightmares offered them something in exchange for their services

As for the Dark DK/Nightmare system? It clearly one way; use the Dark DK until their usefulness is gone, then dispose of them, find another, rinse and repeat until grand plan of genocide comes to fruition lol

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CalvinCopyright3/8/13 6:27am
Wisp, not Whip.

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Twilight3/8/13 6:54am
Like Hazz said, they'd probably weed out the stupids and traito-wait..... no.... no, now that I think about it, Tinsel has already acted extensively out of line against Nabonidus and all she got was a dumb ink spot. That doesn't speak well for Nabonidus as per the Evil Overlord's List XD

But yeah, generally, the "Dark" label is really just a label that's there to identify Dreamkeepers that are working with the Nightmares. I know it seems like there should be more to it, but there isn't ^^; apologies.

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HazzardousEco3/8/13 7:55am
@Twi: Ah, you have a point there...but if I know Nabondius, said ink spot will get larger and larger each time Tinsel gets out of line. That's brillant brillant brillant! Genius I say!

*knocks over bottle of acid onto plant...plant then dies*

But yeah, it would be downright silly to telegraph to your enemies your working with a genocidal race by putting markings all over you *rolls eyes*

*looks at 'rolls eyes' wording*

Man, I'm starting to miss emoticons T_T

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MrAerospace3/8/13 2:27pm
Nabonidus doesn't seem to have the luxury of patience and meticulous planning now that Void has returned. It may seem like evil overlord list 101 stuff, but with the added scrutiny from fellow Nightmares just waiting for him to stuff up, killing off an insubordinate subordinate that's so high up the DreamKeeper chain would probably cause him more trouble than its worth.

In fact, he's actually going to a larger effort to protect Tinsel in V3. Ah, the drama of politics! Although, there is a fair amount of arrogance and over-confidence there too.

There's also the quite distinct possibility that some of his followers aren't even aware that he is a nightmare.

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DanWithTheHat3/8/13 6:18pm
I'm guessing not too many Dark DKs know he is a nightmare. Unless they are really demented, why would a DK knowingly join a group that is out to wipe out their own kind? Do they think that helping the nightmares would save themselves from the destruction the nightmares are planning?

I'm thinking a lot of the Dark DKs helping Nabonidus, like the street clan, are just helping him for some reward he's giving out for the tasks and have no clue what a nightmare even is. They don't realize that they are all being played.

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BigEasy3/9/13 12:23am
That's kind of what I was trying to get at. Void wants to destroy the Dreamkeepers so he can move on to destroying humanity, and presumably other forms of sentient life. Nabonidus seeks everlasting rule. There have to be DKs left to rule over. That's where the Dark DKs come in. They have likely been tempted with wealth, power, or maybe even simple survival if Nabby seizes control.

I would hypothesize that if it weren't for Nabonidus, there wouldn't be any Dark Dreamkeepers, or at least very few. The nightmares don't have the best PR skills, and waging genocide is unlikely to gain them many supporters from among the victims. Nabonidus at least can offer rewards for their service, even if he might not intend to deliver in full.

Also, his ink-spot-of-doom was a pretty clever way to punish Tinsel without damaging her. He likely still needs her in place for his designs.

A thought occurs to me, what if Nabonidus was the first Dark Dreamkeeper?

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Wulfspyder6/8/13 9:19am
Speculation of Nabby being a Dreamkeeper, or a Dreamkeeper's body possessed by a Nightmare, has been around for a long time. Really all we have to go on in regards to him being, or once been, a Dreamkeeper is his appearance and that lil' ring thing that appears over his head whenever he uses a 'power.' But these may just be fluff he's using to cover what his Nightmare body actually looks like, putting on a mask, as it were, to make it easier for his Dark Dreamkeepers to fall in line with him. Recall that in Vol2, when Nabby gives Tinsel that boob-poke that creates the inkspot, his arm looks like it's a hologram or just some purple ectoplasm, so underneath the Dreamkeepery looking outside he might be very similar to Tendril, just a blob of stuff filling out a meat-balloon.

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