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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls (I.C) Chapter 2: Decisions Decisions (NC 17) created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 6, 2013

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Roan3/15/13 10:14am
Puddles launched herself up onto Cyprus's shoulder as soon as he opened the door. She sat down and whimpered pawing at the air in the direction that they came from Zoe's house.

Steamer on the other hand knew exactly where he was going and who he was going to. The fire ryu tumbled down the stairs and charged towards Sov. He hooked his claws into Sov's armor and climbed him like a tree till he reached the top of Sov's head. Once he was there, he looked down at Sov and hissed with anxiety.

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Thegunner183/15/13 10:55am
Soren turned his head towards the slight commotion behind the small group, noticing one of Zoe's 'Nekos; he didn't bother trying to move his body, as it would just be cumbersome as hell. The type of body build he had really didn't usually allow for so much stuff to be put on at once. This sort of action was generally left to the soldiers, not the scientists!

"Uhh...Is this little guy going to be any help to us? I know Zoe wouldn't really be too happy if he hit the bucket." Soren began clenching and unclenching his fists as he asked the question, trying to get used to the new feeling of his now gloved hands. The question itself wasn't directed to any specific person, but more a general query.

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TA76383/16/13 7:03pm
Sov was studying the map when he felt a sudden weight on his back, he then saw steamer sitting on his head. He moved the neko to his shoulder before taking his helmet off.

"Zoe would never let these two out of her sight, if theyre out here by themselves then we really need to get moving."

He put his helmet back on and slung his rifle on his shoulder before drawing his pistol and looking at the group, waiting for them to start moving.

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Roan3/16/13 11:42pm
Steamer wrapped his tail around his paws and hissed again nervously shifting his weight from paw to paw. He swiped at the air hissing again and fluffing out his fur making himself seem 10 times bigger.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor3/17/13 5:57pm
Lathena was in the living room when all this took place while the door to the sewer was reopened as Steamer went after Sov and Soren suggesting that the Zoe's ryuu being here could mean something is defiantly wrong.

"Looks like we will need to rush. Sov. You want to bring Puddles along to? I'm going to zip us straight under the manhole next to Zoe's place."

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TA76383/18/13 8:20pm
Sov nodded and sealed his helmet before looking around the group.

"The gases down here don't affect the nekos, they'll be fine, and if Zoe isn't at her place then these two will be our best bet to find her."

He tapped the side of his helmet turning his night vision on, the visor flickered to life glowing a bright red. He quickly did a mental check of all his gear.

"Ready when you guys are."

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Roan3/20/13 2:55pm
Steamer shifted his weight with anxiety. His crimson red fur fluffed up and he hissed again leaning against Sov's helmet.

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Riftun3/22/13 10:52am
Ann gave a sweet smirk to Siren and nodded, "Oh, I'll try to be more careful then never used a springer before, if it accidently went off..." Ann gave the safest of looks back to Siren as the thought was left unfinished and Ann's head turned to face the ground where no one would see the crooked grin and light dance in the keeper's eyes for only a second. "Anyways! I guess I'm just eager to begin! I'm ready to go whenever you bi- guys are." Ann looked up at the others with a smile and a wink.

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T3rminal3/26/13 7:50am
"OHMYSPIRITS!" Cyprus shouted as the little blue ryuu launched itself up and onto his shoulder. Luckily, it was just his shoulder, and in afterthought he really didn't know why he had been afraid. With all this armor, he was pretty sure an army of troopers could shoot at him indefinately and he'd be fine. Not that it should be tested.

"Good thing we were heading that way...Okay, Puddles Right? Okay so You shall be accompanying us on our mission. Hold on." He said as he ran back downstaris.

"Guys I think we can all be quite certain that something has happened to Zoe. So let's move our cabooses and go find her." He tapped the side of his helmet, letting everything come on. Man, Night vision really did help.

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Roan3/26/13 9:54pm
Puddles squeaked loudly and clung to Cyprus' armor when he romped down the stairs. Her fur fluffed up, and when he slowed, the neko settled down and snorted quietly.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor3/28/13 6:51pm
As Arcanas waited for everyone to gather he took note of Ann's behavioral change but said nothing for now. A call came in on a secured channel and Arc sealed off the conversation to private.


"Areas clean. No ones home. But there are signs of forced entry. I've yet to check on the inside."

"Wait till we get there. In the mean time just secure the perimeter"

"Will do."

Once Arcanas ended the call he changed the line to open.

"Alright guys looks like we will have to be quick. Hold on to each other and what ever you do, do not let go."

A red halo formed above his head as the darkness comes alive and swallowed everyone.

10 seconds later they are still in the sewers but now under the manhole next to Zoe's house.


As Serena waited for the group to arrive, she spotted a figure im a alley who is peeking from the corner. She decided to hold back and informed Arcanas on the potential threat.

"What shall we do?"

"Keep an eye on the person. If he or she tries to run catch him."

"Will do."

Arcanas climb up the ladder and opened the manhole and climd out.

Back at Arcanas house

"The problem is the book has been removed fron the recordeds. We need to break into the place and hack thier internal system to check the time it was removed. And hopefully we can back track it to whoever it was that took it down and why. Now... the problem is we are in a way blind. We dont know what type of security they have guarding the place."

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Esayo3/28/13 7:44pm
How odd, this girl. He hadn't seen her around before, or perhaps he had, and simply didn't remember her face. Regardless, he was sure she was new in some sense or another.

Oh dear, had she seen him? Yes, yes he was rather sure she had. Well drat. The man's eye twitched, he smiled. Quickly, he pulled the hood of his shawl up over the silky material of his hair, then backed into the alley. Well, observation could wait for a later time, he supposed.

He began to shuffle off, and just in time too, he heard the manhole cover opening. That wasn't natural, could only mean more company.

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Shadow996113/28/13 10:09pm
Once again, you have an op based on little to no intelligence... Was it too much to ask the damn universe for some SOLID intel every once and a while? Mira sighed and ran a hand through her blond hair,

"Then my idea stands. We go at night, see their rotations of guards, and gather more intel, because y'know? Intel is a good thing?" Mira was annoyed at the lack of info, a rich guy can't just buy his information? It didn't make sense.. Ah well, that's for the eggheads to figure out, Mira was just happy to be doing SOMETHING now, rather than sitting around and shooting the shit for no reason.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor4/6/13 7:40pm
As Arcanas waited for the others, Serena saw the person backing off and made her move.

Back at Arcanas place.

"We can't go in blind. We need eyes on the inside as we wont know where their server room is and it will take to much time to find it. I have someone who can help us with that. Should be here any second now."

There was a knock on the door and Lathena went to open it. At the same time the spark ryuu from earlier is now on the couch and looking at Mira and tilts its head to the left.


Lathena open the door and a wolf in winter gear walked in. Lathena closed the door behind him. As he took off his gear he saw Mira from the corner of his eye.

"That is Mira. She's a merc. Mira. James. James Mira."

The wolf took off the face mask showing his rather young face and bowed at Mira.

"Pleased to meet you mam. I hope we can work together and finish this without any problems."

He than turns to Lathena.

"Luna's here?"

"Yep. Same as Arc first time. But small scale."

"I see... where is he right now?"

"Field work with some others. Which reminds me. I have to go check on Luna. You two have a short chat in the mean time."

Lathena left and James sat on the couch facing Mira.

"So... how long have you been in this line of work?"

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Roan4/7/13 11:30pm
*Oh my stars. Oh my stars.*
Zoe was sitting in the corner of a dark room. It was pitch black and almost horror movie-like. She felt chills run down her back and hugged her knees tightly.

Cuts lined her wrists from the past long hours. Every time she screamed for help or said one word that was assumed to be wrong, she would be cut by an invisible force. It was painful and burned like fire.

The room was dark and cold. No windows. The only way out was a door. It was locked from the outside, and pure steel. Shadows crept across the concrete floor and reached out at Zoe.

The white fox whimpered and curled farther into the corner. She had no clue where she was or what was going on. She wished she had never gone home.

One thing was mostly on her mind besides being scared to death.


Was he panicking? Was he OK? What was going on with him? Did he know where she was? Was he ring to find her?

Questions swarmed through Zoe's mind making it hard to keep quiet. She cried and sobbed and coughed. The room smelled like death, and like a cellar in a basement or old creepy monastery.

The door opened and the only thing that looked through the crack in the door was a flashlight. Then it was a brute. He was a panther. Pitch black with pink fleshy scars that lined his arms. He had an orange halo flickering over his head.

Zoe pressed herself against the corner instantly knowing this was the person who kidnapped her. The panther said nothing but cracked the door open. He walked slowly over to Zoe and crouched sown.

Terrified, Zoe covered her face with her arms to protect herself. She trembled violently. This was to much to take in altogether.

The panther yanked Zoe's hands from her face and lifted her chin up harshly to look her in the eyes. "You're a pretty one." He smirked. "No wonder you mean so much to him."

Zoe pulled herself away from him. "You leave Sov alone!" She snapped kicking out at the panther. His halo flashed and flesh was slashed on her Zoe's wrists. She screamed and yanked her wrists to her pressing them against her chest.

Tears streamed down her face and she looked down on her wrists. One new cut which bled heavily was right below the palm of her hand on her left wrist. Blood stained her snow-white fur dark red around her wrists.

The panther laughed. "Your a stupid girl. You say something and you know you'll get hurt, but you do it anyways."

He grinned and looked back at Zoe. "Sov is coming, for your information. Once he gets here, I'm going to kill him, and make you watch."

He sighed with annoyance. "But once he's dead, my fun with you'll begin." He stood up and looked down at the white fox which cowered in the corner.

"Think now Zoe. Don't let the good things come." He paused before he shut the door. "Fun fun fun Zoe. Lots of fun." He cackled and the door shut with a slam.

Zoe broke down in tears and sobbed. She was never going to get out of this.

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