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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls OOC created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 5, 2013

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Toleer12/19/13 6:11am
*stretches! Yawns! Wriggles!*

So, how is everyone enjoying the holidays...?

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor12/21/13 4:43pm
Working XD

Has anyone seen Roan?

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joeden12/22/13 8:29am
School or she got hurt again...

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Roan12/29/13 5:04pm
I'm alive. There is no need to worry about me. I've been busy with Real-Life problems, and school is really being a bitch to me, mainly since I've started to accomplish more challenging tasks.

I'm working on becoming a 911 Tech, and right now, I'm already learning how to use the machine, copy down the inornation, and track identities down. Heh. Pretty fun.

I've been off since Christmas Eve, and I have until the 6th, and then I'm back to studying and learning and practicing and all that delicious shit.

I'll get a post up pronto. :3

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor12/31/13 4:51pm
Welcome Roan! Glad your safe and still alive! XD

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joeden1/1/14 12:05am
Happy new year! And first post of the new year XD XD

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor1/11/14 10:32pm
Is Roan in an accident again?

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joeden1/11/14 11:22pm
Dear lord i hope not

Other then that my character has nothing to do if you want to involve him in something

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TA76381/16/14 1:38pm
So...anyone had anything interesting happen recently? I've got the flu which sucks but atleast its given me time to work on my aircraft projects. I got to sit in the gunner seat of an Mi-24 at an airshow. *Looks around* Is anyone still alive?

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joeden1/16/14 2:49pm
i`m alive i`ve mainly been playing swtor and kicking imperial ass all over the galaxy as a trooper and as a Jedi sentinel

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Toleer3/9/14 8:09am
*flops heavily on the ground* Dx

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor7/5/14 5:27pm
Ah hoy there! Who is still twitching?

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joeden7/5/14 8:02pm
I'm still here and I'm not twitching I've been leading the imperial Fleet to Tython primerius to perform Exterminatus!

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Toleer7/28/14 2:41am
I'm around for the most part. Mainly on Second Life. If anyone would like to add my Skype or Steam, I can send those~.
I'm also working on a new character concept, found here:
Color-changing drake character.

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Roan8/6/14 11:10pm
*clears throat*

Uhm, hello. :)

I'm back from my training. I literally just got off, too. How's it going? I missed y'all. ^ ^

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