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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls OOC created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 5, 2013

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor10/10/13 5:24pm
Toleer. If you want in you have to keep up with us and drop a note in advance if your unable to post.

Other than that, character looks good.

On a side note, character line up

Arcanas Taylor (The Darkness) - Folf

Lathena Adriana (The Angelus) - Unknown

Luna Dei Cacciatori Di Anima (The Jackal)

Renard Anderson (The Reaper) - Artic Fox

Edward Garcia (Eagle Eye) - Unknown

Elena Estacado (Sub Zero) - Tiger Shark

James Sinclair (Lucifer) - Grey Wolf

Serena Isabella Smith (The Raptor) - Bat

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Shadow9961110/10/13 5:36pm
That was unbelievably useful. I was kinda getting a little lost with the names.

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Toleer10/13/13 10:58pm
Sure, I think I can do that. A brief idea of what in the world is going on or an idea of when I should jump in would be most helpful ^~^

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Shadow9961110/14/13 12:58am
Okay, you've got a pretty good in since we've just pulled a restart. So far Mira, Sov, and Jamie have left a dive bar and were subesquently arrested. Renard bailed Mira out of incareraction, and took her to a much nicer bar for a job offering.

Sov, an undercover shock trooper, was stuck in the jail until a friend at the department, Alois, was sent to pick him up. Along the way she bumped into Cyprus, who so far seems to be too handy with explosives.

That's a really rough version. I think you would have the most immediate luck by having your character in the bar where Mira and Renard are at, and find some logical way to incorporate. Or have Destania work you in via a special recommendation IC, or note, or something.

And on the note of the IC, who the heck is next? Since we've kinda agreed to move on, somebody needs to get a post up :P.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor10/14/13 4:59pm
The bar is empty at the moment. But he can spot the two entering and tries to enter.

As for who is next, I have sov shoot a post and I'll deal with the rest


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Toleer10/14/13 9:29pm
Well, simply saying 'X is already at the bar' or at least a more complicated and expanded version of that is one of the most cliche things in the history of roleplaying so.... xD... if it isn't minded, having some method by which I could enter without that type of happenstance would be nice?

From the sound of things, Ren and Mira are about to talk business... depending on the KIND of business, it's possible that Jessara could end up involved. Her backstory leaves her in a financial rut and she's on the fence about law and order as it is. She'd be willing to seek out 'alternate' employment, and that means she could have been scooped up for a chance at that by someone?


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TA763810/15/13 2:11pm
Bah! i've been absent again! sorry guys, GW2 and my new rifle have been drawing all my attention. I'll get a post up shortly, which one of you is going after me? and Toleer, you win internets from me on your character.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor10/16/13 4:52pm
Oh term? James is talking to Sov. Might want to edit your post abit XD do you want it Tol?

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TA763810/16/13 6:03pm
Okay, i'm just confused now XD we need a list of who is doing what or something.

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Toleer10/17/13 8:24am
" do you want it Tol?"

AHEM. Well. That said.
I don't really mind how! I'm not picky if it all works, and if you give me a heads up I will roll with just about anything you come up with that fits the confines of this RP :3

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor10/17/13 7:19pm
Arc, Lathena and luna are at Arcs place.

James is still at the station and Selena is still attached to Sovs feet.

Renard and Elena are with Mira at the bar.

Oh Tol? How about have you as Elenas friend and you drop by for a visit?

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Toleer10/18/13 7:04pm
That would work for me! I'll try to jump in when I get a chance to write in a post.... though I hope I don't interrupt any posting orders too badly!

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joeden10/18/13 7:26pm
the posting order if i`m corroct is no double posting and then i don't know?

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Toleer10/18/13 9:09pm
There we go! It's a long post, but I had to get some kind of.... basic introductory thing written out or I'd feel weird about entering! In any case, I hope that works.

Des: I'm going off of the assumption that Elena and Jessara met here at this bar during one of Jess's few ventures out and about, and things went well enough when they conversed that every now and then she might drop by to talk a bit. Usually if she shows up without invitation, it's because something is on her mind!

How's that work?

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor10/20/13 4:45pm
Looking good Tol!

And yep. No double posting. Now just waiting for sov to make some changes to his post before I shoot one up.

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