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Subscribe to this thread Darkness Falls OOC created by DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor on March 5, 2013

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TA763810/3/13 2:03am
I'm so sad Tom Clancy died! aahhhh! someone hold me i'm gonna cry :'(

Ahem, anywho....did roan die? I hope not she was nice, and she owed me money. Don't tell her though, we went out drinking the other night and started playing go-fish, she owes me like 5k now. Anyone read any good books recently? anything interesting to talk about?

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Shadow9961110/3/13 2:05am
Jeeze, he's dead now? I dunno where everyone went... It's been quiet... Too quiet...

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joeden10/3/13 5:55am
Lots of school work is my guess and knowing roan I guess she broke something again.

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DestaniaAdrianaViriathusTaylor10/3/13 10:13pm
Hey guys!

Someone post something up please XD

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joeden10/3/13 10:15pm
I'd love to post but i`m stuck can't leave go, can't do much with Jamie i`m afraid otherwise i would go.

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TA763810/7/13 11:17am
Should we go ahead and post without Roan, then she can do a catch-up post when she gets back?

On a totally random side note, you see that handsome AT-AT driver in the front left at 2:47 in this video? Yeah, that's me.

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Shadow9961110/7/13 4:40pm
I'm thunking we should move on, and kinda just have her character tag along for a bit, and/or have some other engagement that'll let her slide back in easily when she gets back.

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TA763810/7/13 10:53pm
Sounds good to me, everyone else's opinion?

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joeden10/8/13 1:04am
I'm a okay with it.

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T3rminal10/8/13 11:52am
Let's do it

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Toleer10/8/13 11:51pm
I'd like to join into an RP, but I'm not sure where to begin or if my character would even work out x3

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Shadow9961110/9/13 1:39am
You'd have to run it by Destania, I'm not sure if we're at our player cap yet. But if you get the go ahead. Just put up a character sheet and everyone here would be glad to help you!

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Toleer10/9/13 6:46pm
I have a character sheet in the Cafe section of the forum, but I would like some opinions about it ^^... I'm not new to roleplaying, but I like opinions before I leap into something already in progress!

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Shadow9961110/10/13 1:37am
Maybe you could post it up here? I'll take a look just cause i have no life, but it might be more convenient for people to read it here y'know?

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Toleer10/10/13 11:55am

This is a link to the google document!

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