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Subscribe to this thread How to design a RP created by CalvinCopyright on February 28, 2013

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CalvinCopyright2/28/13 2:23pm
I would very much like to make or join an RP on here, but I have no experience with it. I can create Dreamkeepers galore, but I am at a loss for settings.

Does anyone have any guidelines for me? This is general, I know, but it's a general topic, and I AM inexperienced.

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Esayo2/28/13 2:40pm
Well right now Children of the Night (started by Gloves) is off to a great start and always loves to have new rpers :>
The characters for the time being have to be part of the street clan (the Shadow Knaves) but that doesn't restrict characters at all, really (for instance my chara is a Dark Dreamkeeper, working as an agent in the clan).
We'd love to have you, I've read some of your posts for your characters, and I think you'd fit in great!

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CalvinCopyright2/28/13 2:46pm
I'm flattered that you think that. Thank you - I could join, but I'm not sure if my current character would fit the bill. He's not that affiliated with street gangs; the most he does is take contracts on occasion. Maybe for something different - ergo, this thread.

Oh wait, I should have asked this question straight off - how is that dice roller used? I presume in combat situations, but what are the modifiers?

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Esayo2/28/13 2:49pm
Well, I'm not sure when but Gloves has said that later on people outside of the gang could be there too. You'd have to ask him though.
Otherwise, for starting an rp; I think you have to post in the Headless the setting/basic plot.
As for actually designing these things, well, let your imagination go wild. Just remember the whole "It's for multiple people" part, and I'm sure you can come up with a top-notch idea^^

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CalvinCopyright2/28/13 3:17pm
Huh. Still general advice... Can you point me to a few favorite examples of yours? (And can you make them fairly diverse, please?)

And how is the dice roller used?

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Esayo2/28/13 3:34pm
Okay, for instance you could make one about a bunch of mental patients escaping. Or prisoners, even. You could make one based in the Troika, or even the Shock troopers.
Just some ideas.
(Also I have no idea about the dice roller xD)

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AriaOutlander4/25/13 5:46am
The dice roller works like this, You specify how many dice you're rolling for a certain action, like, per se, (Two punches, two dice) then (a kick, one dice) It doesn't have to work like that, but however you choose to set those parameters. These dice operate off of a higher chance to get 3~4, rather than random. Which is why i would prefer 'real' dice.

Then again i've never actually done anything ever with dice, so correct me if i'm wrong.

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ThatDudesDude5/31/14 4:58pm
So if one would, quite hypothetically create an RP here. How would that be done.
How does Forum RP's even work?
How does players interact with things and how does the GM/DM tell stuff that the players have to deal with? (or is that the same thing :/ )
I'm not new to role playing, but I'm new to the forum Role playing.

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Canthui5/31/14 7:02pm
The best way to understand it would be to read a bit of one that has been happening or has happened. They will be in the IC Dreamworld.

You should also check out this thread in the Headless room:

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ThatDudesDude6/1/14 4:55am
Jesus, you guys do follow a whole lot of rules when it comes to forum based role playing. One might wonder why people go through all the trouble instead of using like, Skype or something :3

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FelGrey6/1/14 5:45am
I was thinking about recommending a G+ group fir dreamkeepers with a role-playing section. Its a little easierin some respects.

As for building a plot and/or setting, make a story up to a certain point. bring the characters in, and let them finish the story. keep the NPC's doing things in the back, time goes by for them as well.

TV tropes is good for starting a basic premise.

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ThatDudesDude6/1/14 5:49am
I've been role playing for 3 years so I kinda know how to get around. It's the forum based RP'ing that gets me. The idea baffles me and from what Canthui posted, it's even more complicated then I thought. Maybe I'm just to used to the whole meet each other once a week and eat some pizza and then start the actual story, or continuing.

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Corvus6/5/14 11:14pm
Sorry about the delay in answering, been busy at work;
The easiest way to put it is the most common form of Forum RP is a System less RP which works out closer to a collaborative story between a bunch of people. Typically this is as a result that your typical RPG system ends up being glacially slow in a Play by Post format (for example D&D based systems can take over a month to resolve combat unless you require participation in a supporting live chat), Where in opposition a Collaborative story allows for users to split off and resolve combat in a live chat or to even negotiate the details before having one of the participants write the entire exchange.

For those transitioning from in person RPGs a brief list of points:
1) Unless you make them and are willing to enforce them, there are no rules, only guidelines.
1.5) There is no such thing as actions, If a player want to accomplish something they simply state that they do so, generally this means that a character will succeed at their task, unless it makes things more interesting for failing. As the creator, you are able to request participants to revise their actions if their character is acting outside the expectations for what is possible or if they are ending up facing no opposition.
2) If you want something to happen, you need to be upfront about it; posts can cover anywhere from seconds to weeks. Further, if you take the time to negotiate the outcome early, others can help steer things so the game doesn't get forced to proceed at your pace. As far as the RP is concerned, nothing exists until you tell others about it.
3) If you are in charge, give the players the leeway to shape the world around them within reason; It not only saves you time, but it helps them move the story forward at a more even pace covering what they think they need. As a Player, its your responsibility to push things forwards to do and make your own settings in line with the tone of the RP.
4) Try to keep things consistent, One issue with not having a System is that there is no defined list of prices and stats for various items, and nothing gets more confusing than having items being oddly valued(for example, having houses cost $100 while a decent meal costs $200)
5) As a systemless RP, you have significantly more choices for the general concept, as you don't need to fit a specific gameplay style. This can mean that you can still do the classic Epic from traditional RPGs to something mundane like a Contest or a Wedding (for Dreamkeepers based stuff there are some really interesting options relating to Talocan District weddings)

For the simple answer:
To start up an RP-
1) Come up with the most awesome Idea
2) Post that super awesome idea in the headless Room
3) Evaluate any feedback fairly and sign off on characters as presented or suggest needed changes. (Generally helps if you post a character or two in the desired formatting to give players an idea of what makes sense)
4) When you think you have a decent crowd, Set the stage in the IC Dreamworld with the first post and run from there.

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ThatDudesDude6/6/14 7:23am
I must say that's pretty clever. It eliminates the problems by removing the rules but not giving the GM enough power to control the players but instead enforcing jolly cooperation. I spoke to an author once who wrote an entire book by simply co-working back and forth with another person who also wrote in it. And it was made into a movie (or is being made into a movie). Thank you Corvus, now I only need to read some of the ongoing stories or perhaps one of the older ones and then I'm set.

I'm currently designing a campaign for my own role playing group that usually plays on Saturdays, and I thought that I could maybe do a Dreamkeepers campaign on the side just for fun since one of my Friends (Who I showed Dreamkeepers to) said that I should do a campaign set in that universe. However I know that I would probably be murdered if I mentioned campaign would contain something furry, so I might try it here one day instead. Maybe. Most likely :3

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