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Subscribe to this thread Anduruna Government created by WiseOwlReader on February 28, 2013

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CalvinCopyright3/4/13 5:42pm
What's a Consigliar-stuff? :D

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HazzardousEco3/4/13 7:08pm
I can agree with you on a loose structure in organized crime Twi. Certain gangs or crime groups are known for having a loose system with no real central command structure; the Russian Mafia is known for this. I feel the Trokia are similar in that regard as this makes them easily able to work without the probability of the their entire system coming under fire from the government and snatching up too many key figures to cripple the group.

In fact, one of my all time favorite games, Beyond Good and Evil, also had a 'terrorist' group with a loose system; the IRIS Network. The leader would never been seen with any of the groups across the galaxy and would give commands via radio (with what I assume was a radio with scamablers or encryptions on it, as the leader was never caught until he unintentional got his neice involved with the group =P )

Oh, and I believe a Consigliar is a Mafia word for a ranking offical Calvin; it's one among those ranks with Made Man, Underboss, Don, etc. Though where in the ranking system it belongs I have no clue =P

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ListenLoudly3/5/13 6:24am
A lose system of authority is what makes organized crime so difficult to snuff out; there isn't just a few leaders you can arrest/kill and have the whole system fall apart. They are usually made up of many many more-or-less independent groups linked. Just like Hazzard said.

I mostly agree with your observations MrAerospace, but I think your push to label things as "Socialist" or whatever overlooks an important thrust of the DK story. The corruption and loss of freedoms in this government can befall ANY society. It's human nature to start to sacrifice freedoms for government protection when we start to forget that it's often the government we need protection from. There are parallels that can be drawn from the DK story to the European countries, the USA, Soviet Russia, China. I mean, that somewhat-creepy citizenship video Mace watched in detention? I watched loads of stuff like that in school! And in college, I was subjected to a required course called, "Citizenship" which reeked of propaganda and was taught by a military officer!

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MrAerospace3/5/13 4:17pm
Alright, I never made claims on organisational structures, but let me back up the ones I did:
City Wide Network: P26/27 bottom panels. Those white dots and lines on the map aren't decorative.
Black Market Traders: The Indigos and their stripclub.
Soldiers: Igrath Vi and Karo
Spies: Informant 9, Nainso, (bonus: the person he's picked to tag Tinsel :)
Advanced tactics: Scinter knew how to deal with both Shock Troopers and the Mokoi. Igrath was a shock trooper before becoming captain of the guard. Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' was sitting on Igrath's bookcase.
Powers: Nainso, Indigos
Weapons: Take your pick

Notwithstanding Scinter, Igrath, Grunn, Nainso, the Indigos, Bobby, Karo, Vi, the masked trooper, the frog and informant 9, you are ignoring all the stuff going on behind the scenes. Where does all Scinter's stuff comes from? He's not stealing everything, so people are still needed to manufacture and distribute (in secrecy no less) a huge amount of stuff and in surprisingly large quantities: the booze, the cannons, the clothing, the telepads...I could go on. It's not a small organisation by any standards, even if we haven't seen them operating. As for the comments about clandestine cell structures; I was actually wondering whether this applied to Nabonidus's DK's rather than the Troika, but it does make sense in Scinter's case.

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HazzardousEco3/5/13 6:52pm
If I had to guess, Scinter's supplies might be coming from the mysterious colony/settlement that was composed of all the merchants and traders that walked-out due to Sabbton's silly money tactics. Considering Scinter's personal telepads, It would not be out of the question if he knew certain people who left Anduruna to form said colony...

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ListenLoudly3/6/13 4:35am
Ah, I see what you mean Aero. I like that you are assuming that Dave and Liz are being entirely consistent in their portrayal of Troika. I'm not being sarcastic, I really appreciate it. I mean, Dave and Liz could just be giving Scinter lots of guns and booze to move the story along without any regard for how he actually got it. But writing actions have story consequences, so yeah, my best bet is that Hazzard is right about that group that colony that's out there somewhere. I'd bet they'll come into play in the GNS soon.

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Twilight3/7/13 3:33pm
Aw, now you're talking speculative topics in which I cannot partake XD curses.

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MrAerospace3/12/13 3:21am
Ahaha! XD
I forgot how much fun it was making you squirm over V3 speculation! Did you ever realise I got you to slip up about the old Archives way back in Feb last year? You know, after holding that bombshell for that long, I'm hoping for my sake that you learned the value of 'no comment'.

Now to leave Twi behind...I think Hazz actually has the supply route completely backwards. At first, I reckon Scinter was the one supplying the 'Bandits', or at least re-organising the criminal underworld for his own purposes.

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Twilight3/12/13 6:47am
Uhm.. Aero the old archives had been publicly mentioned years ago XD

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MrAerospace3/12/13 6:24pm
Yeah, they are in the silent centuries history page. I'd assume they've been there ever since it was first posted. Hang on...(re-reading my old Forum PM's), wait, I was the one who first mentioned them, not you. I apologise! Still, what a weird co-incidence that I managed to badly misinterpret your reply as proof that the archives would feature in V3.

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CalicoYorki4/15/13 4:18pm
Ahhh, nothing like a cookies and cream bunny from Easter to stimulate my mental faculties.

I agree, in some respects, with all persons engaged in this debate.

I think that corruption is very deep-rooted, but does not go all the way to the Viscount. I think that he is, in so many words, an inept puppet. My personal theory is that he's spent so long groomed to be a politician, and been given such sparkling ideals of Anduruna's government, that it's hard for him to come to terms with both his own life and the spiny, stinging reality of what the government has become. How does he handle it? The way he reacted to Namah.

I am presuming that -at least Namah- has driven him to drinking. Ahh, but that is a tangent.

I think that Anduruna has tried to fix things, but only put band-aids where it required full rehabilitation. Basically, they're just trying to maintain their own cushy positions and make the public continue to love them, and don't have time in that schedule to clean up their mess.

That is not to say, however, that Scinter would do any better. A healthy government depends on -completely- free elections, separated bodies of government workings, at least one lawmaking body that is exempt from public disputes while still answering to the same laws as the rest, and the point that applies to Scinter's methods - peaceful transfers of power. Regardless of whether the government is doing their job or not, a violent seizure of control will never garner the kind of support it needs, unless the entire public supports those who rebel.

I believe that the Troika are, as Vi stated in Vol. 3, and as certain files reviewed by Scinter suggest, primarily a taskforce for combating Nightmares and retarding the influence of dark dreamkeepers. Scinter is extremely jaded, and he has that right, but I don't doubt that he will put the extermination of Nightmares above revolution. (Or at least, I hope. At least he has Igrath's better influence.)

Now, what else did I wish to discuss? Well, nothing else comes to mind.

I shall no longer hassle you fine personages.

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