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Subscribe to this thread Critique and Feedback created by Twilight on February 27, 2013

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joeden6/2/13 4:29pm
purple nightmare? You talking about that tiny little one he's the one from vol 1 that summoned void.

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Gloves6/2/13 5:26pm
I think the bit about milking Yorps was just supposed to be a joke, and I see what you mean about the purple nightmare being familiar (Joe, that's not Scuttles, you're looking at the wrong one).

I think a lot of those are less trying to be actual references, and more little nods to the actual world. The Dreamkeepers universe is basically ours, really, or at least inhabited by the same creatures. A lot of the pop culture is going to be very similar, if not identical.

And if not that, then just a kudos to the people who notice them?

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MrAerospace6/2/13 9:18pm
Joeden - No, not Scuttler sorry, I meant third last frame.

Gloves- I vaguely recall on of the Keen games mentioning milking Yorps or something weird like that. So, if I'm right it's a weird referential joke that still works out of context.

As for the rest, the point I'm trying to make isn't that the references exist, it's that there were just too many of them in V3. I've no issue with tipping the hat to a predecessor, but you're not supposed to let the hat fall on the ground.

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CalicoYorki8/15/13 2:33pm
I don't know if this is the right place, but it needs to be said.

Gnossus is a very clever name for those huge beasts, in my opinion - Gnossos was an island in ancient Greece where, purportedly, the Minotaur was either born or located. (I can't definitively remember which, memory fails)

That is all.

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WiseOwlReader3/5/14 10:25pm
I just took a look at the origins of the name: "Vanth", according to Wikipedia (So Reliable).

Is is cthonic figure in Etruscan mythology, shown in a variety of forms of funerary art, such as tomb paintings or sarcophogi.

Take a look, personally, it's fascinating.

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MobileCrusader3/6/14 6:48am
Take a look at that Charun page associated with Vanth. A menaging looking figure cloaked in red that, despite his appearance, is a benevolent and helpful guide. Travels mostly with Vanth.

I do say, sounds a bit like our own Bast.

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Salahir3/6/14 7:16am
As said, Dave and Liz seem to be fans of rare mythological and ecclesiastical names and their background to sometimes give their characters one or two treats of these archetypes. For me being interested deep especially in different religious stories and some mythologies, I recognize them even without Wiki. It is a good idea to choose names like that. It helps you form the character and gives the watcher/reader the chance to find out these special traits and compare the character with the archetype. It's like having a patron.
Well, and our names often have a meaning as well, but how many know?

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MobileCrusader3/6/14 8:39am
Well, it seems that English speaking people don't really put a whole lot of thought behind our real names. Then again, it's not like our parents could see our fates to name us appropriately.

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Salahir3/6/14 9:53am
Oh, but meaningful names are as often used as everywhere in English. Sometimes more obvious than old roman names or the like, but with a meaning. In Anduruna, the parents dunno the destiny of their children either. Sometimes you get some traits from it, be it out of mere accident or by trying to cope with the meaning.
For example your name is Violet. Yeah, a frickin color you may think. But colors themselves have deep going meanings. Maybe the parents had a deeper meaning in mind. But at all having or not having a meaningful name doesn't say something about parents love. Look at Viscount Calah. He may even name Namah after a goddess, he would still hate and refuse her in some way.

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MobileCrusader3/6/14 10:17am
I was just saying that real people are not usually as conveniently named as characters are because authors know the fate and traits of their characters as opposed to parents that only know they have a lumpy little baby.

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ThatDudesDude6/4/14 1:25am
Speaking of Paige (cuz she was totally on everyone's mind) Was I the only one that overlooked that she was a girl? I missed out on that totally until like, Volume 2

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MobileCrusader6/4/14 3:56pm
I knew she was a girl straight off. I mean, her name is Paige...

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JudasScorpioDeMazier6/4/14 4:01pm
I dunno, maybe there's a guy somewhere named Paige. But if she had a name more gender neutral, like Sam, Then I could probably mistake her for a guy too.

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ThatDudesDude6/4/14 8:47pm
Her name tells me nothing. I find her name to be very gender neutral. Then again It is an English (American whatever) name and I can't say that I'm familiar to them. And I can't recall if I've ever heard the name before or not.
I was surprised however that while rereading Volume one that I could not find anyone referring Paige as "her" or "him" which is the primary reason I never figured out the gender, I was just surprised in Volume two when (I think Mace) said "she" at some point.

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ST34LTH12/12/14 4:36am
About Paige's gender clarity, I think the confusion lies in that she isn't a particularly feminine girl. I personally thought of her as girl almost from the get go, albeit a sorta tomboy'ish girl. Beyond the name being a female name, I noticed a few quirks here and there, that reminded me a lot of certain less feminine friends I've had in life. As an example there is the way she throws herself at Mace in appreciation, after he gives her some of his food in chapter 1, as well as the excitement exhibited while he does it. I might not exactly be an expert, but I've seen a fair few examples of individuals of fem persuasion do that, but never a guy.

On another subject... Correct me if I'm wrong, but on page 1, chapter 5, volume 2 ( ), I seem to notice them pulling Tinsel's nightgown out of the rubble in probably one of the only dynamic parts between the transition of the two bottom tiles (eg. the people in the bottom, 'investigating' the rubble). Either that is fodder to the the-media-is-being-supressed idea, or we have a problem. If they knew she'd have been there, she'd have been one of the suspects, not only the girls; except ofcourse if it was all hushed. Opinions?

EDIT: Never mind on that last part, I just noticed her swiping it from the person on page 1, Volume 1 and then disposes of it in the office. (geez... Dave really has an eye for detail, nothing seems to get past the guy)

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