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Subscribe to this thread Character/Event Theme Songs created by Prometheus on February 26, 2013

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origamifan10/8/15 1:29pm
venturing in the Nightmare's realm

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Hachura3810/9/15 4:13am
Battle themes for Dreamkeepers! (As in a beat em up and/or fighting game, if you wish)

Character select: (Final Fight Character Select Super Remix)

Mace battle theme: (Top Gear-track 1 theme)

Lilith battle theme: (Legend of Dragoon - Battle Theme 1)

Namah battle theme: (Legend of Dragoon - Boss Battle 1)

Bast battle theme: (Wild Guns - Boss Battle (Cover)- by Jaden101010)

Viriathus battle theme: (VGM177 Conflict - Raiden IV)

Theophanies Tunnels(Stage 1): (Final Fight Subway Super Remix)

Kojiki Konflict(Stage 1): (Final Fight 2 SNES "Hong Kong" Theme (FL Studio Remake))

*Boss(Kintama): (Final Fight Vs Sodom Super Remix)

Margate Morning Rush(Stage 2): (Final Fight - Bay Area Theme - CPS2 Re-Arrange (FL Studio))

Beach Brawl(Stage 2): (Final Fight Abigail Super Remix)

*Boss(Corsair): (Donkey Kong Country - King K.Rool´s theme (Gang-Plank Galleon) on guitar)

Talocan Track(Stage 3): (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Turtles In Time - Alleycat Blues Remix)

I'll post the rest later. By the way, you guys have a really good taste in music.

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Hachura3810/9/15 7:36pm
Bar fight(stage 3): (CPS2 Originals-Robert Garcia)
*Boss(Barman): (Final Fight Industrial Area Super Remix)

Ruskol Raid(Stage 4): (Super Street Fighter 2 Zangief Theme Guitar Instrumental cover)

Ruskol factory(Stage 4): (super street fighter 2 bison stage theme guitar instrumental cover)
*Boss(Ravat): (Street Fighter II - Sagat's Theme (Remix))

Calypsa Counter-attack (Stage 5): (Wizzy's Special Upload-The Theme Of Terry Bogard)

Treacherous Swamp(stage 5): (Donkey Kong Country 2 Mechanical Swamp Theme OC ReMix)

Haunted Mansion intro: ([High Quality] Chrono Trigger OST 45 - Magus' Castle)

Haunted Mansion(stage 5): (Final Fight 3 - Law and Disorder (VGMasters))

Haunted dance floor (Stage 5): Chrono Trigger (SNES) Music - Magus Castle Inside
*Boss(Deceased Duet): (Passing Pleasures (Raiden III - Boss theme))

Novondire Nightwalk(Stage6): (Megaman X3 - Opening Stage (Remix)

Neon knives clan hideout(Stage 6): (Breis - Mega Man X2: X-Hunter Stage 1 & 2 (2013))

Sabbaton Showdown part 1 (final stage?): (AVGN Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts Metal Cover)

Cargo elevator
*Boss*(Metal Gregore): (Final Fight Andore Cage Fight Super Remix)

Sabbaton Showdown part 2 (final stage?): (Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage Acapella)
*Boss(Tinsel): (CPS2 Originals-Vice)

Sabbaton Showdown part 3 (final stage?): (Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage 1 (Band Version))
*Boss(Commodore N): (CPS2 Originals-Mr. X (Final Arrangement))

Bonus stage: (Final Fight Bonus Stage Super Remix)

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Prometheus10/9/15 10:06pm
Been a bit since I contributed to this thread. Time to change that. XP

End of the Beginning (Prelude to GNS): (We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions - Queen)

Startling Developments: (Freespace 2 OST: Cinema 2 - Dan Wentz)

The Never Ending Fight (Sequel Theme): (Intro Theme - Batman Beyond)

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Lycanphoenix10/9/15 11:27pm
Theme of Nabonidus and the Dark Dreamkeepers, from the perspective of one of the protagonists:

come ease your mind
falsify your kind
live in your own lies

rise up again
sickened from your kin
all before the sun had left the sky

- -

take me far away
watch me go, set me free
I don't wanna be a carrier for your infection
you are not a part of me

all we needed was a particle of truth to see
i'll write the melody, play it out
hear the reflection
your fall will be the harmony

- - - -

rest in the home
take it for your own
wear us to our bones

bite off your tongue
answers never come
to those who cannot face the land they roam

- -

take me far away
watch me go, set me free
I don't wanna be a carrier for your infection
you are not a part of me

all we needed was a particle of truth to see
i'll write the melody, play it out
hear the reflection
your fall will be the harmony
= = = = END LYRICS = = = =

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Prometheus10/26/15 9:49pm
Time for more themes. :D Just two for now.

Settling Scores (Mace and Bast vs. Ravat): (If You Want Blood - AC/DC)

Like Mother, Like Daughter (Namah vs. Tinsel): (Narcotic - Dead Poetic)

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Dawonguy10/27/15 6:49pm
Boss Battle Tinsel: (Megalovania- Undertale OST)

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Prometheus11/10/15 9:42pm
I have more themes for you. XP

Dreamkeepers: (Eternal Sacrifice - Tendril) (Eternal Sacrifice (Instrumental) - Tendril)

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HappyLampJacker11/11/15 1:07am
This has nothing to do with the fact of pony...
But I always pictured the some type of final battle against Nabonidus this one!

It is a fanmade work and I don't own any of it but I think it is amazing to work with "Final Boss at the edge of the World"...feeling

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Javelin11/11/15 4:50pm
These are awesome I hope I can bring in something heh

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Javelin11/11/15 5:43pm
Troika HQ

Winter Aramada

Race for redemption

The sacrifice

Ceased chaos

Fighting chance

Imminent defeat

Fighting spirits brewing

Nightmare ambush

Nightmare activity

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Prometheus11/12/15 12:28pm
Oh, man. This would be so good for an outro of the series if it boiled down to a bloody and horrific war. (Victory Song - Metal Gear Solid 4 - GotP)

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Kirito11/12/15 6:21pm

Pff, lightweight. We all know what the outro would be.

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Prometheus11/12/15 7:27pm

Well done. XD

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Javelin11/12/15 9:06pm
It's OP!
Nice move :)

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