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Subscribe to this thread Character/Event Theme Songs created by Prometheus on February 26, 2013

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origamifan5/5/15 3:12pm
The Troika
The Starfall mountains
Nightmares victorious

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Prometheus5/5/15 10:24pm
My theme for a dreamkeepers victory theme isn't buying it for me. Here's an alternate.

Dreamkeepers/Main Five Victorious: (Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day)

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BryanDimmsdale5/8/15 9:11am
Vi Action, I think?:

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Prometheus5/8/15 1:45pm
Ah, yes. With V4 arriving, it'll be time for new scenes to theme.

Vi is for Vicious: (Rock and Awe - Red Alert 3 OST)

Darks on the Move: (Flight in the Dark Side - DBZ Budokai 3 OST)

And, of course, another foreshadowing theme for near the end of the tale.

Mace Unleashed: (SSJ Transformation - Dragonball Z OST)

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origamifan5/8/15 2:39pm
Some other themes for the Troika

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Prometheus5/16/15 9:18pm
I have some more themes for you. :D

The Troika's Declaration: (This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars)

A New Nation: (Array - LEGO Drome Racers OST)

Lilith X Bast: (How to Save a Life - The Fray)

Bast X Lilith: (Wonderwall - Oasis)

Mace X Namah: (She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5)

Namah X Mace (Set Fire to the Rain - Adele)

Mace X Lilith: (Always Know Where You Are - John Rzeznik)

Bast X Namah: (How You Remind Me - Nickelback)

Vis. Calah X Tinsel: (What is Love - Haddaway)

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Prometheus5/30/15 9:14pm
Hello again. Have some more themes.

DreamKeepers (Immortals - Fall Out Boy)

Scinter (Acceptance (Phase I) - Pulse Ultra)

Randy (Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm)

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Kirito5/30/15 9:47pm
I think Randy is anything but a smooth crminal in all honesty. I do love FOB though, so I agree with the dreamkeepers theme.

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BryanDimmsdale5/31/15 2:37am
Vi training Bill, Woods, and Damon music:

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BryanDimmsdale6/6/15 8:02am
Troika/Shocktroopers Pursuit:

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Prometheus6/16/15 1:15pm
Hello again! I have more themes. ^^

Wrath of the Wisp: (Dreams of Cruelty - Valve Studio Orchestra)

Heroic Plan-Making Montage: (Seduce Me! - Valve Studio Orchestra)

Mace vs. Ravat (Final Confrontation): (Vilify - Device)

Void's Last Stand (Battle for Bralgu): (Evil Power - DBZ Budokai 3 OST)

Fighting the Corruption (City Guard Battle): (Return to Ashes - Jamie Christopherson)

Searching the Moonlit Streets: (Apotos Windmill Isle Night Stage - Sonic Unleashed OST)

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Prometheus6/25/15 9:26pm
Decided to reevaluate my ending themes from a page back. So, here's a new list of them.

Dreamkeepers Victorious: (Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against)

Nabonidus Victorious: (It Can't Be - John Williams)

Nightmares Victorious: (Intro Cinematic - Descent: Freespace) (I tried to look for the background music by itself to no avail. I'll change this once I have something.)

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Prometheus6/30/15 1:10pm
With V4 due in a day or so, I am in the mood for some more themes. But, for now, I'll leave this one theme for the dreamkeepers.

Struggle of the Few: (Dust in the Wind - Kansas)

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Prometheus7/24/15 9:53pm
Time to bring this thread back up. ^^

Have some more themes, this time it's all for the Troika.

Ballad of the Troika (Seven Nation Army Remix - James McVinnie/The Glitch Mob/The White Stripes)

Troika Victory (Official Win Round Theme - Battlefield: Hardline OST)

Troika Defeat (Heist Failed - PAYDAY 2 OST)

Viriathus (Containment Breach - Killing Floor OST)

Bobby (Awake and Alive - Skillet)

Igrath (More Than a Feeling - Boston)

Scinter (Hell's Bells - AC/DC)

The Indigo Twins (Pena Flamenca - Jim Johnston)

Nainso (Dapper Cadaver - Valve Studio Orchestra)

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Prometheus8/17/15 11:24am
Time for even more themes! :D

When Troika Attack (Escape From Midwich Valley (Shortened) - Carpenter Brut

Bast X Lilith (Bliss - Muse)

The End of Innocence (Lilith's Death and Funeral) (Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers)

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