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Subscribe to this thread Character/Event Theme Songs created by Prometheus on February 26, 2013

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Digitigraderobo2/12/15 5:13pm
this song:


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BryanDimmsdale2/12/15 5:59pm
Song of the "4 Heroes"

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origamifan2/13/15 7:07am
@Digitigraderobo HELL YEAH!!

and I think this one could fit Scuttler


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Dawonguy2/13/15 9:27pm
I'm not sure if all the propaganda portrayal in DK would be complete without American Idiot by Green Day (or an equivalent).

Teenagers by My Chemical Romance for Bast and Vanth?

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origamifan2/17/15 1:12pm
Oh, and I think this one could fit the Troika as well
even though they have less facial hairs and no war axes

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Digitigraderobo2/17/15 1:46pm
Well if you think about it, most of the Troika aside from Scinter have lots of facial hair :P.

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origamifan2/17/15 1:48pm
yeah, but can they do hairband with it ?

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Digitigraderobo2/17/15 1:55pm
I don't think they can.

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origamifan2/18/15 11:10am

(warning: the second one has a shocking illustration (severed hands))

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CalicoYorki2/18/15 8:41pm
Interestingly enough, I too have found a lovely theme song for Ravat. Hope no one's beaten me to the punch.

"When You're Evil" by Voltaire.

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Prometheus2/18/15 8:54pm
Here is another theme for the Troika. A really impacting song that I think fits their struggle and their battle to show people the light and to send the Nightmares back into the darkness. (Opening Theme - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty)

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Digitigraderobo3/2/15 8:22am
Found GNS Vi's theme song :P

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origamifan3/2/15 12:26pm
Here's a small theme for the Nightmares

and here is a possible music for the descent into the archives.

aaand here is another theme for Ravat.

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BryanDimmsdale4/21/15 7:33am
Sad Ending:

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Prometheus5/1/15 10:07pm
I have some ending themes of my own. Figured it's time I returned to this thread.

Dreamkeepers Victorious: (Goodbye - Alan Silvestri)

Nabonidus Victorious: (Half-Life 2: Triage At Dawn (Path of Borealis Remix) - DJ Dain)

Nightmares Victorious: (Main Theme - Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius)

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