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Subscribe to this thread Character/Event Theme Songs created by Prometheus on February 26, 2013

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BryanDimmsdale12/7/14 4:17am
Rivalry Battle (Battle of the opposites):

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ST34LTH12/12/14 2:13pm
Happy to discover that I'm not crazy. Was beginning to think that I was one of the only people who liked to add scores to written story, so I think I'll scribble down some ideas of my own here.

Cutting it close
Igrath & Scinter versus Shock Troopers (TSFH: Shoot To Kill)

A real nightmare
Smiley hunting the protagonists down the mountain slope (TSFH: All Taikos Go To Hell)

All consuming void
Lord void is summoned (TSFH: Rising Force)

Yeah, I know; all of them TwoStepsFromHell... I'll try to come up with some more, and to try to find some non-TSFH ones too :P

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origamifan12/23/14 1:35pm
volume 1 theme

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SuperTurbo412/24/14 2:25am
Mace encountering Nabonidus (when it happens):

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origamifan12/30/14 1:21pm
Wisp (again)
encountering a(or several) nightmare

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/30/14 2:31pm
This is probably what goes on in Wisp's mind at times, haha

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Kymastrider12/30/14 4:30pm
someone made some fan made tunes of different DK characters and moments from the series, there very basic instrumental tunes but they fit the mood.







Kalei Jeneviv




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SuperTurbo41/1/15 6:50am
If there is ever a bounty hunter type of character, his theme would be something like this:

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Prometheus1/11/15 8:29pm
This could be the theme for a battle phase right before the final battle with Nabonidus. Would fit really well with the Nab's mission to enslave the masses and his justification of that mission, especially if it's a fast-paced battle sequence.

Nabonidus's Gamble (Collective Consciousness - Jamie Christopherson (Maniac Agenda Mix)

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BryanDimmsdale1/17/15 4:17am
Hmm, I was going to add a new title to these songs, but the songs themselves became self explanatory. Also, I noticed in the DK trailer that their music is kinda techno, which made me think more of techno ost in a particular game. So, here goes:

Shadows over the Anduruna City - (God Eater 2 OST - Shadows Over the City GE2 Mix)

Troikas fighting the Advancing Nightmares - (God Eater 2 OST - Advancing Nightmares GE2 Mix)

Entering a new unknown world - (God Eater 2 OST - New World -Unknown- GE2 Mix)

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Dawonguy1/28/15 2:14pm
for Vi: Vi's Patch Theme Song "Here Comes Vi!" (HQ) League of Legends-

also I can kind of imagine Mace singing in this (but it might make some people sad): Mica Caldito - The Reluctant Heroes (Shingeki no Kyojin Cover)

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Prometheus1/28/15 10:28pm

I find it funny how you brought up Vi sacrificing herself for the heroes in her thread when I was thinking the same thing about Bast earlier today, being the protagonist who may be slated to die near the end of the story. He could sacrifice himself to let the others escape while fending off a horde of Nightmares giving chase. The Nightmares surround him and he must fight to his last breath, knowing he is outnumbered and survival would be impossible.

I Will Die A Hero: (Already Over - RED)

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Prometheus1/30/15 11:59pm
Here are a couple more themes.

This one is based on a what-if scenario where Nabonidus has broken Mace and convinced him to use his mysterious power. Bast has no choice but to get to Mace and stop him, but he has to run and fight his way there. This is what I imagine playing in the background.

Racing To Fight A Friend: (Thermal Event - Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction)

And, here's a theme for a possible video game or DVD main menu.

DreamKeepers: (Title Theme - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

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Prometheus2/4/15 2:52pm
Here's a little theme for Igrath. I kind of see him having a favorite classic love song back when his wife, Fae, was still alive. It would probably be something like this. (Time In A Bottle - Jim Croce)

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Prometheus2/11/15 9:09pm
All these double posts. XD

Well, here's another theme for the Main Five. I was torn on wanting this to be another theme for the series itself, but I think it goes better with the protagonists. (If I Survive - Hybrid)

Now, a mix of character and couple themes.

Scinter: (Glass Shatters - Disturbed)

Bobby X Vi: (Burn It Down - Linkin Park)

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