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Subscribe to this thread Character/Event Theme Songs created by Prometheus on February 26, 2013

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Prometheus2/26/13 8:06pm
Yeeeep. I'm bringing it back from the old forums. Post your chosen themes for your chosen DK characters. I've compiled a list of characters with WWE themes because I've become that obsessed with wrestling recently xD.

Let's get started, then!

Mace: Just Close Your Eyes by Story Of The Year (Christian)

Namah: LoveFuryPassionEnergy by Jim Johnston & Boy Hits Car (Lita)

The Indigo Twins: You Can Look But You Can't Touch by Kim Sozzi (The Bella Twins)

Randy: I Came To Play by Downstait (The Miz)

Tinsel: Not Enough For Me by Jim Johnston (Michelle McCool)

Ravat: The Game by Drowning Pool (HHH)

The Main Five (Mace, Whip, Lilith, Namah, Bast): We Are One by 12 Stones (The Nexus)

The Troika (Igrath, Scinter, Grunn, Nainso, The Indigo Twins, Viriathus, Kalei, Woods, Damon, Bill): We're In The Middle Of It Now by Disciple

City Guard: Special Op by Jim Johnston (The Shield)

Nabonidus, Dark DK's, and the Nightmares: Ministry by Jim Johnston (The Undertaker, Ministry of Darkness)

Let the mad cycle continue! :D
(Not sure if explicit songs are really allowed, but I assume they are after ***SPOILERS*** all the F, S, W, C, and B-bombs that were dropped in V3.)

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ListenLoudly3/1/13 12:52pm
I like the song for Namah. Heh heh.

So, Whip needs a song of his own. Thoughts?

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Gloves3/3/13 1:46pm
I think the Troika would do better with Citizen/Soldier by 3 Doors Down:

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Thegunner183/3/13 2:16pm
Gotta say, that's a pretty nice song there by 3 Doors Down. I've never actually heard of them before, but I like their style already. :) And it *does* fit the Troika very well.

I'd like to add one for Void, too. (Although it could also quite easily go with any and all the Nightmares, the Dark DKs and Nabondius, too)

A Voice in the Dark - Blind Guardian.

Have a read of the lyrics and see what you think. :3

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ListenLoudly3/3/13 3:34pm
Good choice Mr Gunner, those lyrics are PERFECT.
"Fear the voice in the dark
Be aware now
Black shadows they hide and they wait
But they soon will return"

This song is for Wisp: Psychotic Girl, The Black Keys

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joeden3/4/13 11:32am
i think that mace would be better with i`m just a kid by simple plan

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ListenLoudly3/5/13 6:10am
By the decrees of this esteemed thread, are we only allowed one song per character?

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Prometheus3/5/13 6:32am

Absolutely not! Theme as many characters as you want! You can give everyone in the book and Prelude a song if you reeeaaaly wanted to. :)

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HazzardousEco3/5/13 10:05am
I suck at picking out character themes, but what I really like to do is pick out themes for the characters depending on what the situation might be. Hope it still counts though ^_^;;;
BTW, does anyone know how to link these links? Would be most helpful to us all so we don't clutter our URL bar above =)

Adventure Awaits!
-Main Five (Mace, Whip, Namah, Lilith, Bast) (Threads of Fate - Dew Prim)

Nabondius Conversations
-Nabondius (HL2 Episode 2 - Shu'ulathoi)

Fight or Flight!
-Scinter and Ingrath vs. the City Guard (Devil May Cry 1 -Public Enemy)

I'm sorry Paige...
-Mace dwelling on Paige (Big O - Apolgize)

Smiley Pursuits
-Smiley (Contra Shattered Soldier - Jiymen Gyo)

Order shall be Restored...
-City Guard mobilizes (One Piece - Giant Stronghold, Take off!)

Why Traitor?
-Nabondius confronts Skulter (Aphex Twins- Trees)

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ListenLoudly3/5/13 11:39am
That's a really cool idea Hazard! Wow, we could soundtrack the whole GNS!

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HazzardousEco3/5/13 6:58pm
That was my hopeful intention actually lol =)

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Prometheus3/5/13 7:39pm
Good idea, indeed! Think I'll give it a try myself. I've kinda imagined Dreamkeepers in a video game setting at times. I'm not good at this myself, either, so... sorry for the random, out-of-character-ness. XD

Scinter, Igrath, and Grunn vs. the City Guard (Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance - Alert (Alternate Remix))

Nabonidus Converses With His Followers (Metal Gear Solid 1 - Mantis' Hymn)

Predator Stalking the Prey (Tendril Attacks Lilith) (Metal Gear Solid 4: GotP - Mantis' Hymn (2008))

Mace vs. Ravat (Hoobastank - Out of Control)

Namah vs. Tinsel (whenever their next big fight occurs) (Dethklok - Bloodlines)

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HazzardousEco3/5/13 8:31pm
Good picks Prometheus...I can especially imagine the two VS's ones below being used in an AMV if DK was a cartoon or video game -_^

I also like the choice for Nabonidus...having that ambience was a boost too)

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Prometheus3/6/13 7:25pm
Thanks, Hazz! A cartoon or a video game... this graphic novel needs more exposure! XD

Anyway, here's some more!

The Pink Terror (Namah vs. Viscount Security) (System Of A Down - BYOB/Instrumental)

Entering the Crypt + Ravat's Arrival + Revenge Solves Everything (Mace vs. the Sandman) (Metal Gear Solid 2 - Arsenal's Guts)

The Ancient Vault of History (Freespace: The Great War - Briefing 1)

Interrogation (Last Call - Unused Theme)

Grand Tour For The Recruits (Metal Gear Solid 2 - Plant Sneaking Theme)

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HazzardousEco3/7/13 6:27am
Here's several more for you all to enjoy:

Unintented Easedropping
-Namah hears Tinsel and Ravat converse (Vandal Hearts 1 - Conspiracy)

Try that again bitch...
-Namah and Lilith vs. Tinsel (Naruto - A Crisis After Another)

Namah...and Gregori Shinanigians
-Namah doing any sort of mischief and hijinks (Prelude) (Big O - Procrastination)

Convuluted Plans AHO!!!
-Mace and Whip making plans and being idiots =) (Prelude) (Kingdom Hearts 2- Laughter and Merriment)

Was it meant to happen?
-Mace dwells on Paige (One Piece - A Mother's Love)

Retreat and Party!
-Indigo Twins arrive to distract the City Guard (One Piece - Run Away)

Smiley Pursues!
-Smiley's pursuits on both Starfall Mountain and Forest (Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando - Ratchet Rescues Angela)

Sorry did I say several more? =P

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