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Subscribe to this thread Tinsel created by Mom on February 25, 2013

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Kirito12/24/14 12:56pm
ohhhhh REKT

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Asora12/24/14 12:57pm

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/24/14 1:10pm
Basically Courtney Love is the definition of a trainwreck. She's almost living off the money that she get's for being Kurt Kobain's wife, and Just talks shit about other celebrities.

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Kirito12/24/14 1:26pm
yup ^^

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Asora12/24/14 1:47pm

OOOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh, okay, okay.


So what you were saying earlier was that Tinsel could be similar to Courtney Love?

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Kirito12/24/14 1:54pm

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BryanDimmsdale1/28/15 8:37pm
I know I said this before in the "Favorite Character Thread", but I want to get this hair witch thread alive and kicking *ahem ahem

I like Tinsel Nanaja. It's because I have this feeling that she is really innocent before, far innocent than Wisp. And I wanna note "Calico" for the theory that he gave, and I like it. Um anyways, I also believe she's a sane person who have everything since she was a teenager or a kid; parents, fame, money, luck, everything, until something very tragic happened to her. Even she's a jerk now, I still feel pity for her, I believe she can be healed than Wisp would; I just felt so sad for her. Also, she's quite an interesting villain, made to "love to hate". The way she manipulates people is good, and I feel that in the ending, when I've imagined that she's bleeding and nearly dying, she would just cry and blame all her fault and all her mistakes, and maybe asking the heroes to just end her suffering, and how she wishes her life could be better. I can view Tinsel more of a fallen hero rather than just another type of greedy character; it's not that she wanted evil, but because of the influences that causes her to be evil and betray the Troikas. But that's just my opinion. I just have this feeling.

I really have this feeling that she'll suicide at the end.

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Prometheus1/28/15 8:55pm

I can easily see her end being suicide and in a climatic way. Maybe she jumps into a pit of spikes or a bottomless well. Or, like you said, she'll ask the heroes to end her.

Considering she practically worships her own body, she would probably lose the will to live if Nabonidus turns her into an ugly abomination of a woman near the end of the tale. She'd have one last bout with the heroes only to lose and she'd just beg to die.

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Asora1/29/15 6:33pm
Worships her own, girls functions are weird.

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Kymastrider1/30/15 8:25am
I don't think Tinsel is at any way a victim on all this (she had hesitation trying to kill Lilith and Namah, that alone is enough of a reason to hate her.) I also don't see anything redeemable about her. Wisp on the other hand seems more like a victim in all this then Tinsel (her insanity probably had a large part in that) and I actually see her as more redeemably then Tinsel.

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Asora1/30/15 8:04pm

I agree with this man.

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FoxPhantom1/30/15 9:06pm
I can agree with what Kyma is saying, including when she even played victim on the viscount's lap in front of the two girls. But, I don't think she was trying to hesitate, more like giving Lilith a slow painful death in front of Namah. (this is my guess, I might be wrong).

Also Prometheus does hold a point, I mean you saw how she react when Nabonidus gave her that little mark that never comes off, she was already going to the point of hiding it with her tail.

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Asora1/31/15 10:17am
Yeah. Imagine how Tinsel would react if she got one of those kind's of pimples on her face that form that oily-liquid underneath the skin, and create a huge red, throbbing, bump........and trust me, those things are not pleasant to have.......

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BryanDimmsdale2/2/15 8:34pm
Dude, ever heard of tyrophobic pimples. Trust me, you don't wanna search that (I'm serious you'll have tyrophobia), and I think she'll get insane when she has that on her face.

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SuperTurbo44/30/15 2:49am
I think Tinsel would enjoy killing the Viscount once the Nightmares' plans are set in motion. She'll probably mock him, too.

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