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Subscribe to this thread Tinsel created by Mom on February 25, 2013

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 8:30am
Oh my, this section is a real clusterfuck, innitit?

I see Tinsel as a solely self-serving individual. She sees the nightmares as a tool for power. Probably has an end game betrayal plan for them.

I think she's trying to rid herself of the other underlings so that they cannot be used against her when she makes her move.

She won't come over to the good side, she's burned those bridges. Best case scenario is she runs away from it all or risks taking on both sides at once.

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SuperTurbo411/6/14 10:05am
Yeah. She is one selfish witch.

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 10:20am
I still think she is gonna kill The Viscount.

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SuperTurbo411/6/14 11:07am
And she'll do it with an evil grin on her face... and her power.

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 12:56pm
I think she will come up and stab him in the back, figuratively. Maybe suffocate him with her hair, or decapitate him.

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Asora11/6/14 5:05pm
Well, either way near the end, the Viscount is gonna be -

*puts on sunglasses*


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MobileCrusader11/6/14 7:54pm
lol its funny cuz poon.

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SuperTurbo411/7/14 2:14am
Can we please stay on topic?

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Asora11/7/14 9:18am

*throws random crap*

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MobileCrusader11/7/14 9:27am
Hes right though. You and I get off topic Much too easily.

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Asora11/7/14 9:40am


Wait, oh. Sorry, but it's sort of like a thing to me though, so, yea.

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DanWithTheHat11/12/14 7:39pm
So for Tinsel killing the Viscount: I think Tinsel will attempt to murder him and then blame it on his daughter(s). Namah would be the perfect one blame because to the rest of the world, she doesn't even have any previous connection with the Viscount. She can just be described in the news as some mentally ill person gone crazy. Would Tinsel go that low? Definitely.

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ZycantAlpha11/12/14 8:20pm
True, and it's likely she's only marrying the Viscount for his position so she can gain power with the rest of the government. Once he's not needed, she'd probably be more than happy to get rid of by the most painful methods she can think of. I agree that the scapegoat would be Namah as well since not only is she not very known, Tinsel and Namah have had plenty of friction in the past and it would probably hurt Lilith quite a bit as well.

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Asora11/13/14 9:07am
That does seem likely though. The fact that Tinsel would likely just frame Namah for the murder of the Viscount is both cruel and disgusting, yet, true.

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MobileCrusader11/14/14 9:58pm
I had not considered that. Makes perfect sense, though.

I always saw his death coming at a time when it didn't matter who killed him because confusion in the streets from nightmares was already rampant.

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