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Subscribe to this thread Tinsel created by Mom on February 25, 2013

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Asora10/19/14 1:43pm

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BryanDimmsdale10/20/14 10:49pm
Hmmm, when is she gonna show up on the prelude? Don't get me wrong guys, but I have a weird feeling that I like her very much. When I said in a weird way, I mean she's quite easily manipulated, for a manipulative and annoying character, not to mention wardrobe malfunction.

And when I say easily manipulated, I mean "hypnotized" by somebody. But overall, I really like her, not in a "love to hate" kinda thing either.

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Kobalt9510/21/14 12:02am
She's already appeared in Prelude:

Even though its only a brief appearance- and then also in a christmas prelude:

Hope this helps! :)

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Asora10/21/14 2:23pm

HOW THE HELL DID YOU MISS THOSE!? Do you ever read prelude!?

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Taller4210/21/14 3:20pm
Not a critique. This is only a question.

Why does Tinsel seem to be the only character without a nose? I hadn't noticed until the most recent free Volume 3 page.

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SuperTurbo410/21/14 3:21pm
I don't know. One must wonder how she breathes. Maybe through her skin?

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Asora10/21/14 4:14pm

Both of you-to the corner-NOW!!!

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Tango10/21/14 7:03pm

or maybe shes one of them mouth breathers?

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Asora10/21/14 7:30pm
You to Tango. Don't question DK logic.

Also, HELLO! :D

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BryanDimmsdale10/22/14 7:51am
@Kobalt95 and Asora

Actually I read first the prelude then the GNS but I really haven't seen her fully until now. Sorry about that, but when you think about it, she seems off character and act as more of a minor character. So the Tinsel I know is more on the GNS, not on the prelude, but thanks for pointing that out.

Also, I think Namah has the same condition; both of them have no noses.

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Taller4210/22/14 9:48am
Correction. Tinsel seems to be the only mammal character without a nose. Good catch, Bryan

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Asora10/22/14 2:41pm

Oh, I see.......

*sends in Alpha squad to secure and capture Bryan, and later interrogates him for info.*

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SuperTurbo410/22/14 5:14pm
*sends in Alpha Company to rescue Bryan*

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Asora10/22/14 5:19pm
*sends in Bad Company to stop rescue operation*

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SuperTurbo410/23/14 9:54am
*Task Force Omega arrives to support Alpha Company*
Anyway, back to Tinsel.

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