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Subscribe to this thread Tinsel created by Mom on February 25, 2013

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Mom2/25/13 4:37pm
I'm surprised no one made a thread about her yet. Then again she's such a vain wench.

Though I can't help but like her hair :3 It's so sparkly.

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WiseOwlReader2/25/13 7:26pm
Considering her character, I really don't find her likable. Though I will admit that it'll be interesting to learn the motivations behind her sabotaging Wisp. Any thoughts on her past considering her present personality?

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Hakuzo2/26/13 1:01pm
We know that Tinsel is an intergral part of the story, but it will be interesting to see what comes of it. I don't think many people like her so she is a 'villain everyone loves to hate'.

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Thegunner182/26/13 1:54pm
I think it's fitting that her power makes use of her hair to an utterly deadly effect. :3 It's all very deceiving; a word which describes her perfectly. Deceitful, corrupt and unrelenting!

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Roan4/28/13 12:56pm
I agree with Gunner. :D

Her hair is more sparkly than some girls wear at my high school. .-.

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TruthQuest5/24/13 9:52pm
Personally, I've always wondered about her dark arm patterns. Are they real or fake?

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MrAerospace6/7/13 9:03pm
Well, this came up due to a conversation about Kalei and Jen. In V3, Scinter describes Tinsel as a traitor. I wonder what he's talking about? Traitor to who?

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Wulfspyder6/8/13 9:00am
I would assume that Scinter was referring to Tinsel as a traitor to the Dreamkeeper species in general, given that she's aligned herself with the Nightmares, who want to kill all Dreamkeepers.

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ZycantAlpha6/8/13 10:52am
It could also be slightly more specific and that she once ran with Scinter, Igrath, Vi, etc. and switched sides during the war.

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MrAerospace6/8/13 4:50pm
That's what interests me. Sure, traitor to dreamkeepers fits, but if Tinsel did run with the Troika, then what the hell kind of training/prep did she get because she and Nabonidus remain ignorant about that threat.

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Wulfspyder6/8/13 7:47pm
Maybe she was never part of Troika in any way but knew Scinter to a personal degree.

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Gloves6/10/13 10:37am
I took it to mean a traitor to the government, actually--she has a high rank and such, and worked her way up, just to make sure it all gets go to the Nightmares.

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MrAerospace6/10/13 5:15pm
Hmm, yeah...sorry for once again playing devil's advocate. I tend to think it was just a well fit phrase than actually indicating that Tinsel did roll with the Troika. I couldn't imagine a Dark DK infiltrating their ranks and not divulging the threat to at least a fellow Dark DK or Nabonidus himself. I'd be inclined to bet on Randy doing that anyway whether he does it conscientiously or not.

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ZycantAlpha6/10/13 8:22pm
Well, I think anyone could assume Randy would do something like that since he's kind of a self-serving dumbass. As for why she didn't divulge the threat, she very well could have and neither Nabonidus or Tinsel figured them to be a significant factor. Then again, this is still mostly conjecture on my part for one possibility. I don't have enough evidence to prove anything at this point and may just call this a last guess and play the waiting game until more information is revealed.

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CalicoYorki12/3/13 1:48pm
Oh look, a dusty old topic of discussion in the DK Lounge shed!

If Tinsel did know of the Troika, and she and Nabonidus didn't view them as a threat, they very well might not have been a threat at all when Nabonidus was made aware. However, we know very well that the Troika are not made of a membership who enjoy sitting around, twiddling their thumbs. The Troika have obviously been busy preparing for the Nightmares, and I'll bet that they've made leaps and bounds in progress over the years.

However, I also think that the use of "traitor" to refer to her being a Dark Dreamkeeper, to betraying the government, or betraying Scinter/Igrath/-Grunn- even personally, are all very possible reasons to call her a traitor.

We'll just have to see what they meant. Time will tell. It always does.

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