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Subscribe to this thread yo created by Animefan18 on February 24, 2013

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Animefan182/24/13 9:47am

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ezioauditore972/24/13 9:55am
How is life treating you?

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Animefan182/24/13 10:27am
not that bad

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DanWithTheHat2/24/13 3:05pm

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Animefan182/24/13 4:55pm
back from action, ready to roll in the new forums

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Hakuzo2/26/13 1:31pm

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Animefan187/11/14 5:08pm
Vi video is up:

enjoy! ! !

the other parts will be up

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MobileCrusader7/11/14 7:37pm
Took you long enough.

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Asora7/13/14 5:50pm
Hello comrade. :D

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MobileCrusader7/13/14 7:23pm
I'd tell you about the livechat, buuuuuut....

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Animefan187/13/14 10:05pm
There was a live chat today?

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MobileCrusader7/14/14 3:52am
No. You already know about the thursdayvlive chatvis all I'm saying.

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