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Subscribe to this thread *waves* Hello created by Mom on February 24, 2013

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Mom2/24/13 5:00am
In the old forum, I introduced myself as Caffienated_Caramel right before it upgraded to this version or the forum.

Decided to change my user since I will be becoming a mom late May. Also, to see how much fun I can have with this username. *troll face grin*

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CalvinCopyright2/24/13 6:34am
Nice avatar.

Where'd you find that??

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Mom2/24/13 3:00pm
You can see the baby eating a watermelon? I can't, it shows 'Avatar Here' instead :(

The one that should be there is from

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CalvinCopyright2/24/13 3:42pm

And there's a post in the BUGS thread about that problem. Something to do with the cache.

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Thegunner182/24/13 3:59pm
Heh. I can imagine what kinds of awkward shenanigans could abound from that username! Welcome to the forum and have fun here :3 Congratz on becoming a mom (mum)(I'm British :D) in a few months, by the way. ^-^

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Mom2/25/13 4:33pm
Thanks Calvin and thank you Gunner :D

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Hakuzo2/26/13 1:37pm
Welcome to the land of dreams

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ListenLoudly2/28/13 2:49pm
Congrats on making a person, by the way.

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