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Subscribe to this thread Volume 3: Intentions Entwined. Discussion Thread! created by Avolendi on February 17, 2013

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Gloves4/10/13 3:02pm
I doubt he was talking about Kalei then--we see her in the background of a panel in V1 or V2, and she's fine, not to mention that she's still doing fine in Prelude.

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CalicoYorki4/10/13 4:16pm
But she is -not- doing fine in Vol. 3.

Ah-hmm. Let me look.


Good point. He has one of those telepads down there.

But I still think it odd that he would take her to the Troika base, and by the time he got there, be completely dazed; staring into the "distance."

And her entire situation just seems -extremely- peculiar,

Since no one knew -why- Grunn brought her.


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Gloves4/10/13 4:25pm
Oh, I'm not disagreeing with any of your other points--they're interesting theories, definitely.

And I thought you meant when Grunn "amnesia-ed" Bobby in Prelude. ^-^' My misunderstanding. Still, it wouldn't make sense for him to mean Kalei there, since both Bast and Mace could both clearly see Kalei there. He probably meant either the telepad or the Troika-ness.

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CalicoYorki4/10/13 4:45pm
Still, Kalei is not using a normal Power.

Neither was Jeneviv, if they were they'd have a halo. These two have auras.

Plus, the turnabout while Vanth and Bast were talking was literary genius.

Anyways I am talking about Kalei yes.

My theory is that, in the space between Vol. 1 and Vol. 3, while we haven't seen the orphanage, Kalei - IMPELLED GRUNN INTO CAPTURING HER FOR HER OWN SAFETY!! Her Power did it proactively so that she would be safe from the Nightmares!


What if there was a ritual in place to bring Kalei and Jeneviv's Powers to their highest level? Jeneviv to break down barriers, Kalei to influence minds?

Nabonidus intended to summon Lord Void to the Dreamworld, -then take control of him!-


Okay I need to rest my theorizing and wild mass guessing cortex.

I still have an earache

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Trubbol10/8/13 2:52am
Wisp at the end made my day.

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MobileCrusader8/4/14 3:46am
So Vol 3 is going free now. How do you guys that have been unable to read it to this point feel?

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SuperTurbo48/4/14 11:30am
Better late than never.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier8/4/14 3:47pm
We can finally talk about how *spoiler* and why *spoiler*, I mean, talk about insane, right?

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Kirito1/2/15 9:14am
The best part is when *spoiler* And then *spoiler* XD

But A close second is when *spoiler* finally *spoiler*

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/2/15 12:31pm
oh my god, I forgot that I posted this, lol.

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Kirito1/2/15 12:32pm
psh only 5 months later pshhh

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