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Dreamkeepers Forums - Dreamkeepers: Plush, Figures, and Collectables Thread.

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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeepers: Plush, Figures, and Collectables Thread. created by Kymastrider on September 4, 2016

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Kymastrider9/4/16 11:51pm
Well yeah the Whip Plush is something that's coming to an eventual kickstarter. But there is right now a Vi plush that exists right now for 3 days only on etsy.

Yeah as cool as this looks I cannot afford to be shelling out that sort of money.

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Dreamkeepers9/5/16 10:05pm
Thanks for the links! Since our cautionary comment on her deviantart has been deleted, I would like to reiterate it here. While Nightengale should be proud of her work, it is not "By Dreamkeepers," as stated in bold text within the image. We have asked her to change her promotional image so that she is no longer making a false statement. Official Dreamkeepers plush will be available through the Kickstarter very soon! Our apologies for any confusion in the meanwhile.

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