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Subscribe to this thread All that is Left is Silence created by ejshonk on August 2, 2016

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coolbreeze881/28/17 8:42pm
Tulsan reeled back slightly from the window. trying to maintain his focus to keep invisible with James just on the other side of the window.

'shit how did he hear me, oh this is bad, my head is already starting to hurt from the strain... I either back out now or I have to take him out too.... easy Tulsan, its for the one saw me get here... no one will know'

and with one last deep breath. Tulsan immediately uncloaked and tackled James to the floor through the open window, butterfly knife in hand as he aimed it for James neck.

"you just had to make things more complicated for me did you!!? nothing personal!!" Tulsan said in frustration.

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joeden1/28/17 8:51pm
Specter freaked out as Tulsan popped through the Window. As for the Robot it went into action as it said in a bone chilling robotic voice with a British accent, "Activing combat protocals the master is in danger! Activating defensive countermeasures. ION CANNON.... OFFLINE proceeding to secondary countermeasures. The Robot then picked Tulsan up by the scruff of the neck with the fat arm and with the second on transformed it into a fully operational buzzsaw.

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coolbreeze881/28/17 9:02pm
Tulsans eyes widened at the mysterious automaton that appeared to come out of knowwhere.

he was most likely screwed ... but it was worth a shot saving himself.... he has read his fair share of science fiction and usually when a robots attacking you confuse it with a paradox.

with a coy smirk Tulsan said the following.

"This statement is false, I'm not lying!!!"

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joeden1/28/17 9:10pm
The Robot looked at Tulsan and said, "You are an idiot who watches to much sci-fi with no idea how to use a paradox. Master shall i help this meat bag reach his final objective of full decay?"

Specter catching his wits, realized who it was that attacked and shook his head no typing, "Tulsan you idiot what are you doing? Also I think its best you stay restrained for the time being. Your lucky that Ion technology is very advanced stuff and takes time or you'd be a pile of smoking dust. Now explain what you are doing."

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coolbreeze881/28/17 9:19pm
Tulsan.. knowing he had no excuse spilled his heart out.

"spectre!! I saw what was in those documents!! and this.... THING!!! do you think you can keep all this a secret forever!!!? there going to find you and they will make you build things for them whether you want to or not!!! have to destroy your research!! other wise I might be too late!!"

Tulsan was in utter despair at this point. knowing he did all he could.... but he was only one person in a chaotic world...

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joeden1/28/17 9:32pm
Specter began typing, "They? Who are they? The Government? They already know about me and I worked a deal to live my life until i turned 18 then begin working for them. That and the dirt I got ensures they hold their end of the deal." Specter then scratched his chin and typed, "Wait you're one of those anarchy nuts aren't you? You do know Anarchy only works until the bigger warlord comes right? Where do you think the feudal system came from?"

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coolbreeze881/28/17 10:09pm
Tulsan in his mounting frustration retorted.

"you have no idea what its like being a power user, to us the government is the enemy. were forced to keep our true natures secret, those who are found out are dragged away from their families and killed and you of all people are going to give them the tools to hunt down every last one of us with ruthless efficiency, a true apocalypse.

This order needs to go. so a new one based on justice and equality, not failed nanny state ideals, can rise from the ashes like a mighty phoenix.

I'm really on your side. you've just been deluded by their false promises.

and now I'm found out... you both know.... I guess its off to death row for me.. you wont betray the people and tell them will you?! please... I beg you. for all I know I could be all on my own."

by all means, Tulsan had a point (and also needed an excuse to be set free), that's if Spectre and James had the conscience to release him from the clutches of that mechanical monstrosity.

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joeden1/28/17 11:09pm
Specter then typed, "so your option was to kill me? Yeah because that seems to make things better solve killing by killing. You do know it's impossible to track the activation of powers the only way to deal with it is to go to where the person uses it when caught. Besides the job I'm doing for them is in agriculture and construction along with toys. The only reason my metal friend exists is because people are out to get me. Otherwise he's a personal service bot not a battle bot he's only a little more durable then any keeper in flak armor."

Specter rubbing his temple and continued to type, "you promise not to kill me and I promise not to turn you into itty bitty bits fair?"

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ejshonk1/29/17 6:47am
James felt himself tackled on the ground, and just having come out of the hospital, it hurt like hell, so he stayed on the ground. He very slowly got up, shaking a bit from the pain, but he stood up, listening to everything they were saying. Tulsan was a nut case. He didn't like the fact that he was almost killed by him as well. His power going away, James looked at the two talking. "Tulsan, the issue isn't the government with us, it's something completely different." he said plainly, his good hand holding on to the desk for support. "Whatever medication you take for your paranoia, take it, and look at the world in a different view." He looked over to Specter. "You honestly are going to trust this guy?"

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joeden1/29/17 8:06am
Specter looked over to James and typed, "No but my robot is faster then him and i don't want to make a corpse in my bedroom i'll never sleep in this room again and i won't for weeks." Specter was just as afraid of killing as he was of being killed, it was not exactly something he wanted to do. Looking over James he typed, "Are you alright James?"

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coolbreeze881/29/17 12:14pm
Tulsan let out a sigh and said.

"alright its a deal... just make sure you don't rat me out.... wait.... what do you mean by "us" james? wait... your a power user?!"

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ejshonk1/29/17 2:46pm
James looked at Specter, nodding to him, knowing that the robot could probably protect them, at least from most things. Once Tulsan asked the question, he nodded "Yes, but do you have to be so loud about it?" He asked and sighed. He couldn't take standing up anymore, and sat at the end of Specter's bed. "Look, Tulsan, here is what we know. Two weeks ago, after meeting you guys for the first time, my brother snakes into my room and throws me off of the roof of the library. He told me they are after Specter, wanting his mind. He is part of an organization of some kind, but I have no idea what they are called. They want to use Specter to bring Nightmares to Arduruna..." He said and then leaned over to drag his backpack to him. "Now whether you believe in nightmares or not, the truth is that someone is after Specter, and they probably know that I am alive, so they probably want me dead too... They are watching us, or at least, him. So we need a secret base, a hide out of some sort." He unzipped his backpack on the bed, and brought out 6 different books. "I got these from the library, each have blueprints to different abaindoned buildings. See if we can get someplace to hide when things get rough. Some place they don't know about..." He said and tossed a book to Tulsan. "You can either help us out and try to find what organization they are part of, or you can leave now...your choice."

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coolbreeze881/29/17 4:11pm
Tulsan nodding. knowing that his goal of making sure Spectre doesent fall into the wrong hands was his original intention... although this plan doesn't involve any unnecessary killing. cool beans.

"alright I'm in.. so I was almost right... heh but almost is only good or horseshoes and hand grenades. but first I need to go back to my garage and finish my Rivet Sabre I manage to forge from scrap metal and duct tape, this guy sounds like bad news from the sounds of it and I need to get prepared."

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joeden1/29/17 5:06pm
Specter pressed a button on his wheelchair which caused the robot to drop Tulsan, just as the door to his room opened and a red blur sped into the room, followed by a ramble of words. "Heyspecterreadytoworkonthe ION cannon? Or how about we finish up my plans for the plasma disrupter?.... What's going on?" It was Jackie Specter's older brother aside from the twins who loved everything to do with energy.

Specter began typing, "Jackie now's not a good time we can work on that stuff later, actually want to take Watson and deal with the Ion cannon part?" Jackie's head went up and down into a blur with a constant stream of, "yesyesyesyes! Come watson." The robot followed saying, "Spirits preserve me." leaving the three alone in the room.

Specter then said, "He can come back here in under 10 seconds."

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ejshonk2/4/17 7:38pm
James listening to Tulsan and was about to say something, before he heard and saw something zoom into the room, seeing the other brother. He cocked his head a bit, watching this cry strange, hyperactive creature. He watched the brother take the robot away and he just sighed. He was weird...very weird, but to be honest, he'd rather have a brother like that rather than the brother he has... "Well then...where was I?" he asked and then remembered. "Oh, Tulsan..." James wrote something down quickly and gave it to him. "It's my phone number. You get into trouble you let me know, okay?"

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