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Dreamkeepers Forums - Introducing Alcor the (Mostly) Normal dude

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Subscribe to this thread Introducing Alcor the (Mostly) Normal dude created by AlcorTheMonkey on April 22, 2016

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AlcorTheMonkey4/22/16 10:36am
Name: Alcor Canopus
Gender: Male
District: Talocan
Age: 23

Appeareance: , Fur is Yellow with light orange hair, he also haves an unseen Bob tail and fluffy paws, eyes are Brown

Affiliation: None
Alignment: Neutral/light Good
Motive: to Keep Learning and help others in the way
Quote: "Things happen all the time, yet life goes on"
Theme: Maya's theme from Persona 2

- Strength: 10
- Dexterity: 18
- Constitution: 12
- Intelligence: 18
- Wisdom: 14
- Charisma: 10

Alcor always thought about working hard for his future, thinking about making choices and trying to see the posibilities of them even if he made mistakes, but because of this he might also come as "Indecisive" or even "insecure", despie this he hasn't stopped himself from trying to take the objetive approach.

Alcor Power Allows him to cast a Shield around him or a friend, the shield will reflect projectiles back at enemies, the shield haves a Drawback however, Alcor will feel the pain from the projectile but reduced, this allows him to cast the shield as long as he can Endure the pain, he discovered his power when he was caught in an earthquake, a debris almost hit someone and he quickly summoned it, almost by instinct, while he saved the Person, he felt some pain from the Debris, he later tried to control his newfound power but hasn't mastered it completely.

((This is my character Guys, can you give me some feedback on him?))

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Kafelnikov4/23/16 8:50pm
I really like the quirk you gave his shielding power. It makes it more unique with a tangible drawback.

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AlcorTheMonkey4/24/16 9:49am

Many thanks xD I'm trying to balance this character and not make him a mary sue xP, also I hope we can RP Sometime, I have a big story planned XP

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Scottieboy20205/3/16 5:57pm
If you're looking to RP, me and TalkedSpy are in our RP Hunting Party. It's in the middle of the story, but we'd be happy to have you!
(Fair warning: He might shoot at you in suprise if you show up XD)

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TalkedSpy5/15/16 7:13pm
Wow, I need to create a RP character sheet myself soon. Needs small polishing, but good job on your's Alcor! ;)

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