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Subscribe to this thread QR Code Template created by Ferrous on March 1, 2016

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Ferrous3/1/16 1:32pm
Whipped this up yesterday.

This is a template for a sheet of QR codes that you should be able to print up off of your average, run of the mill office printer.

The QR code itself will redirect to the intro page of the main Dreamkeepers site.

Why would you do such a thing?

Well, if you have access to sticker paper, you can make QR code stickers.

And if you can make QR code stickers, you can stick them places.

Please research any local ordinances about this before you do so, however! We don't want you or anyone else to get in trouble.

Some advice: look for places that will get high traffic and where people will have a chance to look things over. Believe it or not, inside of a bathroom stall door for high traffic areas (airports, college campuses, movie theaters, etc) are a near perfect ideal for this: the person checking the code has time on their hands, they're a captive audience, and at least more than one person an hour will see it.

Your mileage may vary.

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Ferrous3/1/16 1:54pm
Here's a link if you want to edit your own captions.

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