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Subscribe to this thread Tulsan Pravada's Reference sheet is out!! created by coolbreeze88 on February 9, 2016

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coolbreeze882/9/16 4:36pm
hopes this gives you some clue on what he looks like. using your imagination only does so much:

I hope to use him for some future semi-canonical RP on the forum. the bloodhound arc was pretty much abandoned back in march and the time zone difference is making it hard for us to get it back up and running again.

basically. Tulsan pravada is a true rebel. a true "freedom fighter" against a system he perceived to have wronged him.

he's unaware of the troika. yet the Aduranan authorities constantly mistaken him for being affiliated due to him using similar tactics and he would probably criticize the troika for being to soft on the ruling government and even doing their dirty work for them.

unlike the troika however, he's not afraid to use incredibly underhanded tactics and deceit to accomplish his goals.

I would appreciate a comment or two. some feeds never hurts.

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