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Subscribe to this thread Hunting Party created by Scottieboy2020 on November 15, 2015

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Scottieboy202010/7/16 8:42pm
(Spy. It's your turn.)
(crickets ensue)
(Spy. You lagging?)
(*Neps internally*)

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TalkedSpy10/8/16 4:41pm
*Finlo notices me and Scottie looking awestrucked at fusion*

Finlo: Um....does this bother you by any means?

Me: *stays silent* O-O *tries to say something - Scottie freaks out*


Finlo: H-huh?

Whip: Skreh?


Finlo: He?

Scottie: Wait-IT HAS A DI-

*Whip slaps Scottie - pulls out dagger*

Scottie: Woah, watch it mate. But Spy, did you just see that!?

*Scottie sees me staring at Whip*

Scottie: Spy?

Me: .....Am I tripping balls or something?

Finlo: Ugh, should've unfused earlier.


*sees Finlo unamused*

Me: Don't appreciate sarcasm?

Finlo: No, but I don't appreciate you being rude.

Me: And you don't suspect me to see THIS OUT OF NOWWHERE!?

Finlo: *shrugs nervously* I think I have a lot of explain to do, right?

Me: No s**t.

*taps on Scottie's shoulder*

Me: *whispers* Quick meeting. Now. *looks at Finlo* You stay here...again. Me and Scot need to talk.

*heads over behind large tree*

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finlo10/8/16 5:10pm
finlo: fine... *whip and finlo sit* ... mace, you better not die... by suicide...

whip: !?? *at finlo*

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Scottieboy202010/9/16 8:59pm
(I'm not criticizing you in any way, but I love how woefully inaccurate you're impersonations of me are. They just make it all so much funnier XD )
So... as I understand it he was fused with... the sorta adorable floating thing... named whip.
am I wrong?
This is getting stranger and freaking stranger and more confusing by the second XD

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finlo10/10/16 7:16am
finlo: *sees a nightmare creeping up to there backs* oh shit!! whip! we must do something!

whip: NYAH!

finlo: *fused with whip and flies at tree but stopped by and unknown force* AAAH!

whiplo: *looks around and see nothing but an invisible slash attacks* HWA!?

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Scottieboy202010/10/16 10:26pm
Finlo! Behind me!
*draws sword*
*Searches for the source of the attacks*
*points to it*
Spy, hang back and shoot while I get in close!
Spy: But... you'll be in line of fire!
me: I'll be shielded, just do it!
Seems like we stirred up a hive... more coming from the east!
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finlo10/11/16 11:48am
whiplo: |:. ...
(uses uncomforted)
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Scottieboy20204/23/18 2:27pm
(I'm tempted to revive this but... at the same time I got no idea what's going on anymore)

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