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Subscribe to this thread Anduruna Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation created by Lycanphoenix on September 30, 2015

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Atheras8/18/16 9:55pm
wish granted, but they constantly dump all over your belongings

i wish i had magic powers

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TruthQuest8/19/16 8:10pm
Wish, Granted, but you cant get rid of the purple flamingos that pop into existence every time you raise your hands to do a spell.

I wish that I could have a library the size of the state of Indiana.

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Atheras8/29/16 2:21pm
Wish Granted, but you have to pay insane penalty fees for having a library that big, and you constantly get lost in it

i wish dragons were real

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Prometheus8/30/16 11:27am
Wish granted. Dragons get pissed with each other and global "scorched earth" is achieved.

I wish we could achieve intergalactic travel with the current level of technology we have.

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CoolCoyote8/31/16 2:01pm
Wish granted. You are the first person to successfully land on a distant planet using a catapult powerfull enough to launch you screaming into the night sky at the speed of light!

Alas, you are also its first successfull fatality and the first person to become intergalactic street pizza...

I wish my dreamkeeper Dylan was real!

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TalkedSpy9/8/16 5:00pm
Wish granted. However, due to being created from thin air, he has the intelligence of a newborn.

I wish I had a Namah body pillow.

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Lycanphoenix11/29/16 3:38am
Wish granted, but it is infested with bed bugs.

I wish I could get my life back on track.

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TruthQuest11/29/16 9:16pm
Wish granted, your life is now "ON TRACK" for a "MAJOR COLLUSION COURSE WITH A HORRIBLE DESTINY", I hope your up for it.

I wish that I had a job that paid enough for me to get what I need, AND a few things I want.

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EngineerPearl011/30/16 11:38pm
Wish granted, however you work the front register and no one ever comes when you call, be it for picking up the excess cash in the register, helping you handle the lines, or checking on the items that are out of your area :)

I wish children were taken more seriously by society as a whole.

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Dante10/20/19 4:19pm
*Reads Dave's answer*

"Bu-but I already talk to animals in public spaces. You mean there's something wrong with that? Crows are especially intelligent and really freak out if they realize you're talking to them! It's fun!"

Wish granted! Children are now taken more seriously by society as a whole. Much much much more seriously. I mean, adults don't even count anymore. The moment fart jokes stop appealing to you, is the moment society appreciates that you're a stupid doo-doo-head that doesn't deserve the right to vote. All matters of international politics are decided by 10-year-olds and adults slave away as growing older sucks even worse then it did before. Sure, if you're a kid, things may be great, but unless you find the fountain of youth, things may turn very very bad, very very soon. Also, kids aren't particularly good at running the world, so lots of things will quickly break down once all of the contradictory laws start colliding with each other.

I wish my friend who introduced me to corrupted wish games, who goes by Kaligraphic, would corrupt my wish for me!

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