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Subscribe to this thread Mistfits of Ruskol - Chaptor 1: New Beginnings created by Aman3712 on September 19, 2015

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Edwardteach11/23/15 7:57am
I stood for a second with vic then I sprint off to the shuttersteps and I notice the marbles too late so I step and fell on them "crap," and I quickly grap them and stick them in my pocket "Cheats" I say and I get up and finish the steps and I swiftly climb the rope and I look ahead, I am 10 people from the weasel "Grrr, and I just keep moving forward.

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Aman371212/11/15 8:53am
((Sorry for being gone for so long DX))

The final obstacle was a jump test, where one would have to stop at a white line and jump to the other white line that was six feet away. the weasel snickered as he used the last of the oil to cover the first while line. He then jumped to the other white line but, since his shoes got covered in oil, slipped and landed on his nose.

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joeden1/5/16 8:43pm
Brandon saw this trick and knew how to deal with it using the weasel as a mat he jumped and landed past the white line going seven feet. He huffed and pulled out some Garlic and began eating it.

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Edwardteach1/12/16 3:58pm
I am running and I get to the line and as I go to jump the oil get on my shoes as I jump i make the jump but I land spinning and I fall on my arse

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Edwardteach2/16/16 12:32pm
(Is this still going? I really liked this one)

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TheDeadlyFB2/20/16 12:29pm
(Don't know, guess will have to wait and see if it comes back)

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joeden2/20/16 1:45pm
(Same this is a fun one.)

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Edwardteach3/16/16 7:07am
(Going to attempt to make a comeback)

I land on my arse and I curse under my breathe and I glare at the people a head of me, and I stand up and i start running "I'm going to get him" I grumble

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