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Dreamkeepers Forums - Introducing Lilly Creek (secondary character in "The Ultimate Booze"

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Subscribe to this thread Introducing Lilly Creek (secondary character in "The Ultimate Booze" created by ZeroLogic on March 26, 2015

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ZeroLogic3/26/15 5:03pm
Physical Description-
A doe with her antlers just stubs on her head, her hair is cut short and blonde (Most strands flow and then curl at neck), Rose eyes, small pink nose at end of snout, all brown with her inside ears white, Doesn't have feet but has deer hooves (dopes have fingers), about older teen years

Can do attitude, the voice of motivation, Fire Cracker, persistent, clear morals, lawful

Affiliations- Party Island Security Force

Enemies- Thieves, Party Island Crime Ring, Brawlers, Disorder

District- Talocan

Power- Doesn't know, she was raised by law men and power use is illegal...she has never used it and doesn't know how

Back Story-
She was basically dropped at Party Island at the age of three. She had no memory of her parents or her life before she arrived upon the steps of the security force building. Being the lawful and justified individuals they were, the members of the force took her in and treated her like a daughter. They rotated the houses she would sleep in and which member would care for her during the days. They also took it upon themselves to secure her a future career on the force.

Once she was old enough, her training began. They ran her through courses, canaries, and rarely some real life experience. She soon grew into a distinguished officer and was accepted by her elder instructors. They didn't really see each other as instructor or student though...for the older men of the Party Island Security Force, Lilly was their child, and to her they were her fathers.

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