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Subscribe to this thread V4-Kickstarter: Discussion. created by Kymastrider on February 19, 2015

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FoxBrethren6/23/15 3:19pm
I'm guessing the surveys or an update will happen by Thursday.

Edit: Voila

Not the survey but I was right about an update

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Prometheus6/29/15 6:03pm
Its been about a week since the voting for the PDF release and so far it's a 60% majority of Yay! for the release to be now. Not sure if that's enough to convince Dave to release it, but if so, then everyone gets the chance to read the book ahead of time.

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Digitigraderobo6/29/15 6:11pm
Update 14 today, figure progress and voting results. :D

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Prometheus6/29/15 6:32pm
Huh, speak of the friggin' devil. XD

Well, a big thanks to all the backers for making V4 available to fans at AC. I'm sure they will enjoy their copy very much. ^^

And, everyone who backed will be getting their digital copy very soon. If I recall from update 13, the release is due this week. So, probably this Wednesday when that update went live.

All I can say is happy reading everyone! You earned it! :P (Now, shamefully waits for a copy to be leaked.)

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Kymastrider6/29/15 8:56pm
unfortunately I don't want to read the download file of vol-4 I wanted to wait for my book to come in the mail, sadly I feel like once its made available the forums are most likely going to be flooded with spoilers from vol-4 which I really don't want.

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Kirito6/29/15 9:17pm
There will be rules about spoilers; you should be fine. :^)

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Prometheus6/30/15 7:56am
Yep, rules have been posted and stickied in the Story Section of the forum. Things will be clamped down for the first two weeks, then we'll let discussion branch out to the rest of the forum.

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