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Subscribe to this thread three songs that describe you. created by FoxPhantom on February 11, 2015

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FoxPhantom2/11/15 10:01pm
Ok, I'm going off the lark here, and make a thread to ask which three songs best describes you? :D
It's quite simple actually, just link three of the songs, just make sure to state which song it is.
If you want you could state why. :3
(game)Rebecca Kneubuhl: This broken Soul from The Legend of Spyro: the eternal night. This is pretty much how I feel when I am depressed.
Trocadero: Colors. This one is more when I am in a normal artistic mood.
(Anime) Gundam Unicorn: Unicorn. There is no way I can describe it, it's one song when I am so energized on multiple levels.

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Prometheus2/11/15 10:33pm (Reversion - Volumes)

This kind of song is what helps bring out the calm in me. The kind of song I'd like to listen to while driving through a desert with the sunset bathing me in the west or while sitting in the living room of a middle-class home after a long day of work.

This is how I feel about the world as a whole and how I see myself in the grand scheme of things. As kind and understanding as I am to people on the Internet, I am actually pretty anti-social outside of it. I don't have much faith in humanity and I want as little to do with it as possible. Considering the insanity I read and hear about every friggin' day, I really wouldn't mind being the last human on Earth if armageddon were to hit right now. :/

But, when I'm busy not being mad at the outside world, this is what gets me going, among other rock songs. Something that gets me motivated for the day and future ahead. ^^

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MobileCrusader2/16/15 8:36am

I, uh, plead the fifth. (_)

captures my love or art and literary adventure.

I hate that I love this song. I hate that its so corny and i fucking love it. theres prolly some personal message in there somewhere.

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Kirito2/16/15 4:48pm

this song describes my hate for rude people/bigots and overall my don't-give-a-shit-ness

super cheesy, but this is totally me. Carefree and all that. Describes my affinity for the laid back lifestyle.
(plus it has dogs howling. what's not to like???)

This song describes my love for trying new things and my overall open-ness to everything and all people.

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