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Subscribe to this thread Introducing the Strider created by Kymastrider on February 3, 2015

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Kymastrider2/3/15 6:29pm
Name: Kyma Strider

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: Talocan

Personality: laid back, easy going, and full of surprises.

Appearance: slim athletic build, turquoise fur, indigo hair, golden eyes, black rings around eyes, pointy ears, earrings on left ear, long bushy tails, two black rings around tail with white tip at end, tribal tattoo on right arm.

Power: Movement acceleration, he can run really fast allowing him to get around without being seen, and can also run up walls and across water with enough focus. He can increase the velocity of objects he throws making them hit harder. Also with enough concentration can make the world around him slow down (though the effect is very limited and doesnít last long)

Strengths: Heís fun loving and full of joy, he is stealthy and quite, heís a thrill seeker always looking for ways to bend the rules, he loves to have a good time, and he enjoys living for the moment.

Weaknesses: he can be doubtful of himself and his personal accomplishments, he has the habit of rushing into thinks and may not think things through, and he can be forgetful of things that donít interest him.

History: Born and raised in the Talocan District of Anduruna, Kymaís a prime example of the fun loving Dreamkeepers that dwell there. His personal hobbies include lounging on the beach, surfing, music, video games, drawing, going out to night clubs, rock concerts, hanging out with is friends, and overall being slacker.

For the moment he doesnít know what he wants out of life, but for now is fine just drifting. The world becomes a whole lot bigger to him on the day he discovered his power, the risk it also inherits becomes all the more relevant. Aside from some very good friends and a potential love interest, he also has a Ryuu-Neko named Poseidon that he loves very much.

Kyma is easy going and always looking for new friends, if you can get him on your side he can be a very useful ally.

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