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Subscribe to this thread Thinking created by Roan on January 26, 2015

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Edwardteach8/26/15 3:41pm
Sounds like fun Aman

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Roan8/27/15 4:41pm
Sounds interesting, I think I can evolve that into a roleplay as well, along with my rad skills of making up fantastic plots. XD

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Aman37128/27/15 5:12pm
Oh cool! If you want we could chat through PM about this :D

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Roan8/31/15 9:09am
Sounds good with me,Aman. But, be farewared, school is starting this week, so I might be neglecting this website until the weekends come around.

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Aman37128/31/15 11:19am
Kk :D

Good luck!

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