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Subscribe to this thread A little preview created by Kirito on January 24, 2015

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Kirito1/24/15 9:51am
Something I made for a fanfic I had in my mind.

The night was cold. A bone chilling cold; one that could freeze a soul. The wind swept across the plain and through the desolate town like daggers. The population was too scared to come outside, frightened by the stories. Beasts roamed, it was said, killing children and abducting unsuspecting civilians. Garbage floated lazily across an empty street like an urban tumbleweed. The only source of light was a flickering lamp post that gave an unreliable radius of view. In the distance, there was a stirring. Black blobs in the night slowly came into view, their features hidden by the night. The only noise was their heavy footsteps on the cold stone street, the rugged breathing obstructed by the thick fabric that obscured their face. They trudged on, unperturbed by the absolute solitude that the void of darkness had to offer. The silence was so solid, no one dared disturb it. The group of men were dressed uniformly, a sharp red star adorning their helmets. On their shoulders was a heavy cloth that draped down to their lower abdomen. Around their neck was a solid ring of metal that tonight served two purposes: to protect themselves, and to divert the constant stream of wind. From this collar of sorts hung a sort of chest plate that ended below the belt in a flattened point. Made of a resilient material, it would protect against most attacks. They wore fingerless gloves and pads on all their joints. With them they carried a plethora of gear. At their side they carried adjacent tubes that concealed the contents. In their hand was a mighty rod of steel, made with artisan-like perfection. The men had their gloved hands wrapped around the handle and trigger of the deadly weapon, ready to use it if necessary. Tonight they were especially apprehensive; this area being known for bandits lurking in the night. But still they trudged on. They had a job to do and they knew better than to abandon a patrol based on predetermined thought and conceptions. Although unknown to the surrounding desolate town, the three men were nervous. Something was off about this sleepy city. In a split second a sharp crack echoed through the night, disturbing the void of silence that the men revered. They snapped out of their subdued consciousness and tried to locate the source of the noise. Before they could determine this, however, a soft thump sounded behind them. Surprised, they whirled around; their eyes wide with fear. Instead of a malefactor that they suspected, they were met with their comrade on his knees. He brought his hands slowly to his steel collar and unclasped it, before falling to the ground, dead.

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