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Subscribe to this thread The Shocks OOC created by Aman3712 on January 5, 2015

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Aman37122/26/15 7:59am
Still waiting on Evixtus and Roan...

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joeden3/10/15 2:48pm
So who we waiting on other then Evixtus and Roan who i don't think will be back soon

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Aman37123/10/15 5:26pm

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ST34LTH3/19/15 3:57pm
My character is currently in limbo, just waiting for progression. I believe Dalia and perhaps a few more are in the same state atm.

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Aman37123/19/15 4:32pm
All we need is someone to post, and the RP will hopefully start rolling again.

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joeden3/19/15 5:09pm
If you want i have a kinkajou character that's in the shocks i could add in as an assist character more of a Brings papers tends books and just runs around doing the paperwork to get things rolling.

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Aman37123/19/15 5:11pm

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joeden3/19/15 5:15pm
Arton Fireword
Age: 32
Power: the ability to read, anything and everything; understanding it as well, this power can be used for as long as he wants and as much as he wants it has no downsides. Except for the headache factor, it comes in only when he reads a new language, that he has never seen before. However as great as this power is, he can only read the language and understand the language when his power is active, when it is not active he cannot read or understand it and he feels tired from his power use which enquirers him to sleep more then the average person.

appearance: Arton is a Kinkajou standing at only three foot two, he is a really small keeper with blue fur and purple hair, he usually wears shorts which are pants for him; he also wears a short sleeve shirt that is a little big for him. He also wears round circular glasses that seem to be a bit to big for him, so he has to push them up to keep them on; don't let his small appearance and meek friendly attitude fool you, if you make him mad. He can be just as vicious as a fourteen foot wall of steel keeper, but only worse' seeing as how he is small and fast and will crawl all over you. His friends who have seen him fight have said that, "he is a little annoying blue fuzzball of doom; most of his enemies agree (which is just one person). However he doesn't like fighting and will avoid it at almost all costs; unless you threaten his friends.

history: Arton always was quiet; he had nothing special to define him in his early life, he had a quiet simple childhood; only reading books all the time. He passed with flying grades and took a Job as a librarian and paperrunner for the Shocks; he also has a nack for puzzles and datascrolls excelling but always kept in the same position, seeing as how he isn't much use for anything else.

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Aman37123/19/15 5:19pm
He's an interesting character. Since he has a power though, he'll need to keep it hidden from the other shocks. But other than that, he's approved :)

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joeden3/19/15 5:23pm
he never really uses it and he wouldn't in the Shocks

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Aman37123/19/15 5:29pm

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joeden3/19/15 5:58pm

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joeden4/14/15 6:46pm
Who's turn?

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joeden4/3/21 6:03pm
well i miss this.

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Kirito6/13/21 9:46pm
me too buddy <3

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