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Subscribe to this thread Free GNS Updates Discussion (Currently on: Chapter 10) created by Kirito on January 1, 2015

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Prometheus8/6/15 11:48am
I was wondering if they were going to include that page. XD I'm glad they did. It's priceless.

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EngineerPearl09/15/16 11:07pm
I know I am late to the party, but Page was in the opening pages. Why?

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BryanDimmsdale9/16/16 4:55am
Oh wow, looks like Book 4 is starting early. That means Dave might be doing Book 5 earlier than expected. Although, it's already September so XD.

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Prometheus9/16/16 9:22am

A flashback moment when Paige was still alive and Bobby and Vi were still hanging around the orphanage. That's my best guess. Paige must not have been at the orphanage very long before Volume 1 started.

Gotta love how they put in those little sketches with the title to further the story somewhat.


My sentiments exactly. Though, if I recall, they are still working on the script and haven't really gotten started on the art yet besides the chapter covers. So, whether or not it will be ready by the time Volume 4 has been posted in full remains to be seen.

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ZycantAlpha9/18/16 12:36am
Probably not. I'd say it'll take them a year to produce a new volume assuming no delays, and volume 4 will be up completely by that time.

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Kymastrider9/26/16 11:27am
This hasn't been updated for awhile but Dave is starting to release pages of Vol-4 on the site for those who can't obtain vol-4 for various reasons.

The only thing missing as is the case with the other 3 volumes freely available on the site is Dave's personal opening monolog.

Cover art

Insert art


Chapter art

Page 001

Page 002

Page 003

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Kymastrider10/10/16 12:38pm
Sorry there was abit of a skip, but were now on.

Page 004

Page 005

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Kymastrider10/17/16 12:09pm
Page 006

One thing thinking back in Volume-4 is I have to wonder about the skepticism of Woods and Damon. Even if they don't believe the existence of Nightmares surely they have to suspect the government they once served is up to no good.

After all considering a good deal of Andaruna's laws are borderline extreme and over punishing to it's own citizens. Ad to the internal hypocrisy Bill mentioned he witnessed from the inside during his career as a guard, not to mention the fact that Tinsel went through alot of trouble to make sure they can't ever get employed again after leaving.

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EngineerPearl011/18/16 1:14pm
Well, even knowing something is going on, there's room for denial. Woods and Damon probably have a lot to work out, and maybe don't want to go from one bad group to another - they do still have families living under that government, after all.

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EngineerPearl012/14/16 3:43pm
Uh oh

Guess that's coming back.

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SuperTurbo41/28/17 6:30am
I think it's time we brought this up to speed. Looks like the authorities have discovered Mace.

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Kymastrider1/28/17 10:08am
Back when I read this I was thinking of all the times security guards let tiny things slip through the cracks they just happen to take notice of something tiny in the corner like Mace even when he's wearing a hat and no shirt. Don't these two know security guards are suppose to be stupid?

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SuperTurbo41/30/17 5:42am
Honestly, I think it's a nice change of pace. How many times have people smacked their foreheads every time security guards in fiction do something stupid?

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