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Dreamkeepers Forums - Unofficial DreamKeepers Cards Against Humanity Expansion *Explicit Content Warning*

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Subscribe to this thread Unofficial DreamKeepers Cards Against Humanity Expansion *Explicit Content Warning* created by DanWithTheHat on December 27, 2014

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DanWithTheHat12/27/14 6:42pm
During our Cards Against Humanity Game nights we have before/after chat, We come up with some hilarious DK related Blank cards. I figured we should have a thread to post any ideas of funny DK cards. As expected, I'm sure things will get fairly Explicit so don't be surprised to see foul language or stuff much worse.

For people who are not familar with CAH, there are two types of Cards: White Cards and Black Cards. White cards are people, things, actions, etc. Black Cards are either sentences with a blank in them or a question that can be easily answered by White Card. Go here for examples of each:

If you can. label what type of card you are posting before you list them.

To start us off, here are some of the more infamous DK white cards used during our Cards against humanity game nights (at least the ones that I can remember right away):

- Sexy Namah Body Pillows
- 24 foot tall Sexy Namah Body Pillows
- Getting sat on by Grunn
- Paige
- Murdering Paige

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/27/14 6:51pm
Here's some black card ideas:

-Man, I'll never look at Tinsel the same way ever again after walking in on her ____________
-What do the Indigo Twins do in their spare time?
-I know the reason why Bast is always angry, It's because ____________ is up his ass.

White Card ideas:

-Dominatrix Wisp
-The reason why Igrath is blind.
-Slapping people with Whip by his tail

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ST34LTH12/28/14 6:23am
Black cards:

- Bill had to go the infirmary, because of __________.
- __________ is hidden in Grunn's secret basement.
- I will never forget __________, because of __________. [Use 2, draw 1]
- To escape the guards, Namah once used __________; it almost worked.
- When Tinsel gets mad, just use __________ to make her relax.
- If the __________ are ever hunting you, just use __________ and finish with __________. [Use 3, draw 2]
- Seeing __________, made me scarred for life.
- Tinsel was freaking out, when __________ entered during her evening bath.

White cards:

- Shock Troopers
- The Indigo twins giving out free Scinter's Mark
- Indigo Twins wearing mistletoe
- Loaded springers
- A gory telepad accident
- Grunn's hand after a sleep on the beach
- Bander slime
- Getting tackled by a male slob
- Female slob scent
- Namah's horns

(Hope you enjoy the creepy ideas that could ensue from these :3)

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ZycantAlpha12/28/14 9:56am
These are so far the only ideas I can come up with.

Black cards:
-Mace's newest prank involves taking __________, then __________ to really mess with ________. (Draw 2, play 3)

-Sandmen: for all your _______ needs. (Tentative, since I'm not sure how to get the sandmen involved)

-Best way to blind your enemies? Show them Mace while he is _________.

-Lilith's self-defense class. Step 1, insult their poetry. Step 2, rip out their _________.

White cards:
-Taking as many drugs in a day as Vox does in an hour.

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MobileCrusader12/30/14 1:18pm
And with this, my legacy is once again solidified in the annals of time...

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/30/14 2:29pm
There's no escaping it.

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PotatoFox12/30/14 3:05pm
You will never escape. The stories of the body pillows shall be passed in legend from each generation of Dreamkeepers to the next.
This is your legacy, from now until the end of time.

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Kirito12/30/14 8:08pm

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ST34LTH12/30/14 10:06pm
Well spoken Poteto Kitsune, there shalt never be a moments rest for poor Mobile.

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Kirito8/30/15 12:41pm
Hey everyone!

DWTH's made the first 'official' DK: CAH expansion! Find it here:

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FoxPhantom9/11/15 5:54pm
Black card:
Drop coins, receive a giant ____ to the face.

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DanWithTheHat9/12/15 3:52pm
Thanks for posting it Kit! It includes some of the suggestions from this thread so keep posting them and they can be added!

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