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Subscribe to this thread I'm dreaming up some RP Ideas created by Kirito on December 16, 2014

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Kirito12/25/14 8:18am
when someone auto hits they automatically hit an opponent without letting the opponent respond


Wolf pulls out knife and stabs other wolf. other wolf dies.

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Aman371212/25/14 9:02am
Thanks for the info!

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Aman371212/25/14 12:21pm
I personally like the gang war idea out of the three. I'd would gladly take part in that RP! :)

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Asora12/25/14 6:08pm
Gang Wars.....

*thinks of the Saints Row Series*

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Kirito12/28/14 12:08pm
So can I have some feedback on who would participate in SAO rp?

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