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Dreamkeepers Forums - What were the Silent Centuries?

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Subscribe to this thread What were the Silent Centuries? created by Kymastrider on November 4, 2014

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SuperTurbo412/4/14 2:16am
Pretty much. They were practically invincible... until Theodoric the Goth and Attila the Hun came.

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meerling4/28/15 10:41am
Just a small side note. It has been stated that humans and dreamkeepers are connected. Both sharing the same fated life, and death. One dies, both die.
We know the approximate date of the Silent Centuries due to the history page.

So, can anyone think of an event with a huge death toll in human history around that time period?

Just something to think about.

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Prometheus4/28/15 11:17am
I'm sure there are plenty of events in our history that mirrors the Silent Centuries in some way. The Black Plague, the Crusades, etc.

But, let's not forget that our timeline and the Dreamworld's don't match. The story takes place in 1227 and already they have strip malls, computers, TV, and guns. In fact, their early 1200's are supposed to mirror our mid 2000's according to Dave.

Just wanted to point that out. Going through the Dreamworld history myself, I can tell very little matches up to our own history save a few major events.

Oh, welcome to the forum, by the way. ^^

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Kirito4/28/15 12:04pm
Also, Dreamkeepers and their human counterpart aren't that intertwined. If a dreamkeeper dies or vice versa, the human will not die, but will have their mind permiable to nightmares. (Introductory page of v1)

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ZycantAlpha4/28/15 4:07pm
No, you're thinking of when the Dreamkeeper dies of something supernatural. If it's an ordinary death (accident or otherwise) both have it happen simultaneously.

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Kirito4/28/15 6:16pm
Wow really? If so, I really didn't know that. Although I suppose it makes sense, DKs and humans having parallel lives. My mistake ^w^

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crazyhead424/29/15 8:50am
So... if a DK lives in the supernatural, what happens to the human?

Or how about if the supernatural were to cause an ordinary death (Say, levitating a 1000 pound rock over the DK then dropping it) Does that count as supernatural or normal?

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TruthQuest4/29/15 1:26pm
If super Did It, then yes and I think it also counts if SN simply did it by accident too, like say tripping up, gabbing rock that stops 1000p death, and letting it slide unintentionally onto someone.

SN was still the cause of the event.

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