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Dreamkeepers Forums - The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only)

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Subscribe to this thread The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only) created by Prometheus on August 20, 2014

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Prometheus6/18/16 8:28pm
Heeeeey, it's here. :3 A comic where Wisp finds a perfect advantage to her Power. X///D

You did a fantastic job. Love the lighting and I can see you took advantage of her official ref. X///P

It looks great. I can't wait to see what you have in mind next. ;3

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Kymastrider6/19/16 9:29pm
a new pic feature tribal Evzen and Lilith.

was uploaded to FA since DA doesnt allow breasts.

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Kymastrider3/3/17 6:18pm
Here's a couple of new Mature DK pics.

First up is Beach Girls.

In this you can see among an all Star cast of anthro animal females is naked, Lilith, Namah, Vi, and Miri.

Second is our Beach Boys.

Among our cast of all star male anthro animals you can spot naked, Mace, Bobby, Evzen, and Hal.

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AFox3/11/17 10:04am
Out of curiosity, is there anything in particular the readers of this forums would want to see? Rule 34 wise.

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PrototypeBast5/19/17 1:36pm
Since we are all adults here I have something to request
Kalie and Jenn cornering Evezen for a "Study session."

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Prometheus5/19/17 9:47pm

There is a pretty alarming lack of lewd fanart of those three. With luck, this request will get picked up by someone.

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PrototypeBast5/20/17 9:44am
Forgot to put the @ symbol yesterday... my bad.

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Bowoodstock5/31/17 10:24pm
Hey everyone.

Apologies upon apologies for the wait...but that NSFW fiction I promised last winter is finally done, and posted in the +18 fiction thread.

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Prometheus6/3/17 9:38am
That was quite the beautiful and passionate read, man. :3 Well worth the wait. Hope to see you write more in the future.

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Bowoodstock6/3/17 9:56am
Thank you.

If anyone else has a request, I'd be happy to consider. Heads up, I am NOT good at writing M/M, but M/F, F/F, or any group combination thereoff, I can do. Can't promise the promptness, but as you saw, I like making sure it gets done right.

And I would be honored if anyone from the artistic community took inspiration for an illustration.

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PrototypeBast3/30/18 5:21pm
Man,look at the cobwebs in this thread no ones been here in a long time, In that case I'll clean the place up and ask for some Kalie and Jenn with anybody.

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Bowoodstock4/3/18 7:43am
Is that a request for art, or a story? You're right in that this section of the forum hasn't been very active as of late.

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PrototypeBast4/12/18 11:07pm

One..either..both,I'm desperate for ANYTHING of those two it's almost like they don't exist.
Speaking of not very active the bathroom of this thread are next.....Pray for me......

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Bowoodstock4/13/18 5:48pm
Hmmm. I'll see if I can come up with something good there. I have one other writing project I'm working on atm, but the twins could lead to fun things...just a matter of figuring who the third participant is.

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PrototypeBast4/13/18 7:00pm

Thank you Spirit among Dreamkeepers.

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