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Subscribe to this thread Destiny created by Anarchy on August 2, 2014

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Alej6/20/15 8:33pm
._. *sucks at using handcannons and actually broke TWO revelators recently*

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Kirito6/20/15 8:34pm
What do you mean broke?

And like I said, you have to alter your play style for it to be effective.

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Alej6/20/15 8:38pm
I broke them for weapon parts cuz I prefer every other type of gun to those squirtguns they call handCANNONS. The only decent one is Hawkmoon to me. That one actually CAN one-shot somebody. Honestly the worst part is their nonexistent reserve ammo. I only ever scramble for bullets when using a HC.

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Kirito6/20/15 8:43pm
Lol, of course because hawkmoon is exotic. You need to be more dedicated to master the HC then just gripping it's flaws.

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Alej6/20/15 8:45pm
Well... Honestly I got several primary weps, none of them are HCs, and I cant find any distinct advantage to them. If I wanted to be a slow tank I would use a fusion rifle.

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Kirito6/20/15 8:51pm
I need to get some exotic gear actually... Any tips ?

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RashallVetkay6/20/15 9:01pm
Run prison of elders that's by far the fastest way. My friend that got me into destiny also gave a very good bit of advice and that's not to rely on exotic weapons as you can get by fine if not better with Legendaries

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Alej6/20/15 9:02pm
Warlock: Nothing Manacles (homing scatter grenades for voidwalker. Effectively turns grenades into Gjallahorn's wolfpack rounds)

Titan: Saint 14 (blinds enemies who step into a Defender's WARD OF DAWN. Allows you to use the shield more aggressively)

Hunter: Aclyophage Symbiote (one additional bullet in Gunslinger's GOLDEN GUN. Who WOULDNT want another shot with that beast?)

Red Death (instant health regen upon kills)

Patience and Time (consistently most practical and efficient sniper rifle,grants invisibility)

Truth (because Gjallahorn is overrated and this thing hits like a NUKE!)

Queenbreaker's Bow (hybrid sniper-fusion rifle. Swaps between close and long range modes for more combat versatility)

Plan C (fastes charge rate of all fusion rifles. Amazing asset in CQC)

Vesta Dynasty (a choice between two exotic perks for the high agility and high strength players.)

Thunderlord (its name isn't a joke)

MIDA Multi Tool (infinitely customizable upgrades for any play style. Pairs great with Dance Machines. Gives incredible movement speed)

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Alej6/27/15 9:29am
Has anyone heard of the KAU 8 CONSTELLATION SCAR pulse rifle? I fully upgraded mine and I wonder if I should use it instead of my Petra Venj Pulse Rifle.

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Scottieboy20201/4/16 7:50pm
I haven't yet played the game personally, but I've seen a number of walkthroughs and I think my two favorite weapon classes would be the Hand Cannons and the Auto-Rifles. If you get a headshot with the HC, it's usually an unholy amount of damage if not a 1 hit kill, and with the AR's, you generally have decent damage with a fast rate of fire.
I think my favorite class is the Hunter though.
Does anybody find it annoying that the original story sounds like it would be a lot better than the one they have out now?

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RashallVetkay1/12/16 9:28pm
TTK, Taken King, to me is a lot more in depth than the vanilla story was. I guess if they re-did the vanilla story along with House of Wolves and Dark Below with the amount of attention they gave to TTK it would be a bit better.

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